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Luis J. Gomez’s Girlfriend Said That He Owes Her Child Support

Prasiddha Gautam


Luis J. Gomez is in a loving relationship with his girlfriend, who is also a comedian by profession.

Well, she once made a post about him on Twitter demanding child support. Were they both joking, or has the situation gotten really messy?

Initially, Gomez’s Girlfriend Was Thankful To Be Childless

Gomez’s partner in crime, Kim Congdon, has jokingly tweeted various things regarding pregnancy in the past. In September 2020, she expressed that she was planning to get pregnant by accident.

But, just a few months before that post, she was also relieved to be childless at that time. She had penned, “Not to brag, but what a time to be childless [SIC].” People were mad at her and wrote at least they would have a way to leave a legacy.

However, the most confusing thing is that she did upload a picture of her belly bump further back in September 2019. But in comments, users said it looked like a pillow and had suspected her.

Moreover, in April 2021, Kim wasn’t sure if she was either pregnant or grumpy and that she would let her followers know in a week, but she didn’t update about her status.

Fast forward to April 2023, Kim was claiming child support from Gomez.

Gomez’s girlfriend called out him for the child support. [Photo: Twitter]

However, the viewers took that humorously. Some of her fans wrote, “LMAO, Jokes!” while another one responded with vivid possibility, “Can you imagine how awesome this child will be?”

Overall, the statements she made in the social settings could be jokes as she is a funny girl and likes to entertain people.

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The Comedic Duo Have Been Dating For 5 Years

The lovely duo crossed their 5th anniversary this year. For their first anniversary, Kim uploaded an adorable picture of her and Gomez in May 2018. She wrote, “Still [explitive]. Happy one year, @luisjgommez [SIC].”

Kim has, at times, expressed her admiration for her love.

The 33-year-old stated that Gomez was really the best man she had ever known. Moreover, he is also a superhero father to his son, a loyal friend to those around him, and a loving boyfriend.

She also once uploaded a video stating she tried the “I am your valentine” trend with her boyfriend.

Additionally, Gomez’s son could be seen in the video made by Kim, where he is sitting beside his dad on the couch.

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Kim Congdon Is Now Doing a Regular Job

Kim’s journey into the world of comedy began in LA on the “Kill Tony” show. But before that, she was a writer for TruTV’s Impractical Jokers.

Gomez’s partner has collaborated with big names like Joe Rogan, Ralphine May, Joey Diaz, and many other successful personalities.

The humorist has also starred in the HBO Latino comedy special EntreNos and is known for her works in Stone Science, Half Full, and Fetal Fury: Escape the Womb.

She also ran a podcast, Broad Topix, with a co-host and best friend, Alex Scarlato, for 5 years. They uploaded their last video in December 2022, where they recapped some of their favorite moments and said goodbye to the fans.

Kim and her friend Alex ended their podcast. [Photo: Broad Topix/YouTube]

In the last video of the podcast, the hosts admitted that they were really busy, and it was truly a strain task because they had to fly across the country just to meet each other.

Further, Kim revealed that she is currently doing a regular job and isn’t able to have free time anymore.

Moreover, the co-host, Alex, was having a baby. Overall, their YouTube channel’s journey ended with an adorable video, and they are still good friends. After a warm farewell, they made a compilation of their favorite moments and made it a bit emotional for their viewers.

All in all, both Kim and Gomez are having a blast.