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Emma Lovewell and Her Boyfriend Enjoyed Their First Trip to Italy

Prasiddha Gautam


Emma Lovewell is in a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend, Dave Clark. She expressed her love through an adorable post.

She has described him as her favorite adventure partner, quarantine companion, IG photographer, best friend, and cat dad. Moreover, a few months ago, the lovebird enjoyed their time in Italy.

Lovewell Shared the Experience of Her Trip to Italy With Her Boyfriend in Her Newsletter

Lovewell was blown away by the exquisite cuisine and the breathtaking beauty of Italy. She was sure that the country wouldn’t disappoint her as she had heard awesome reviews about that place.

Both Lovewell and her man, Clark, went to Italy for the first time in May 2023. She had made a post where she announced that she and her beau arrived in Rome.

Emma Lovewell and her boyfriend enjoyed their time in Italy. [Photo: Emma Lovewell’s Instagram]

Furthermore, the fitness instructor updated the people that the pair had already enjoyed different varieties of pasta, fried artichokes, and stuffed zucchini flowers.

She found out that the city was covered with Jasmine flowers and smelled incredible. Moreover, the duo also enjoyed the house wine and walked 20,000 steps in a single day.

Lovewell was shocked as she found every statute or monument dating back to the ancient days while she turned every corner of the streets. After roaming around Rome, the lovers went to Positano, where they felt like that place was magical.

She expressed that she loved Italy very much and also wrote some things that she learned during her trip to Italy. After a few days, Lovewell announced that she had written an itinerary about their journey in her newsletter.

Overall, she explained how past trips influenced her day and felt as if it had changed her DNA. Furthermore, for her, traveling is one of the most exciting ways to learn.

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Both Clark and Lovewell’s Mothers are Cancer Survivors

Life is mostly a series of uncertain events, and it likes to throw surprises at people. The health expert also had to go through a tough time. This all started when Lovewell’s mother, Teresa Yuan’s, nosebleed didn’t stop.

Yuan lived alone, and when the bleeding didn’t stop, she went to the emergency room at a hospital. After some time, she called her daughter and said that the doctors in the hospital thought it might be related to some allergy because Yuan had a history of allergies.

She was sent home with cotton stuffed in her nose. However next day, Lovewell got a call from her family friend who conveyed that her mother was ill again. Then, the fitness instructor with her boyfriend, Clark, went to see her mother.

When the pair arrived at the hospital, Yuan was again kept in the emergency room, plus she was bleeding and in a lot of pain. Over a period of time, Lovewell lost the trust of the doctors there and contacted a nose specialist.

After scheduling the appointment, her mother was thoroughly examined, but the outcome of the examination was quite severe. Doctors said that it resembled a tumor and planned surgery in 10 days.

Both Lovewell and Clark decided to quit their job to care for their mother, who was the highest priority for her. After the first surgery, they found out that the tumor was cancerous.

Eventually, after multiple surgeries and radiation treatment, her mother got well and survived the fatal cancer.

During the radioactive procedure, Yuan was aided by a non-profit organization, Angel Flight NE.

When Lovewell felt a deeper appreciation for the non-profit caregivers, she also helped raise charity for cancer. The Peloton fitness instructor was contacted by the Pan-Mass Challenge, which is a bike-a-thon that raises money for a cancer charity.

She accepted the challenge without hesitation. Lovewell and her boyfriend, whose mom was also a cancer survivor, participated in the bike-a-thon event. Lovewell crossed the 80-mile ride on August 8 and managed to raise funds for cancer with her loving beau.

This Year, They Will Mark 9 Years of Togetherness

Lovewell and Clark have been together for 8 years, as they celebrated their 5th anniversary in November 2019. This year, the couple will reach the 9th-anniversary mark.

Both of them have known each other for a long time now, but have they thought about marrying? Well, Lovewell has kept her fans curious about that topic and hasn’t shared anything that might hint at her wedding.

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The fitness instructor properly introduced her partner, Clark, via an Instagram post in February 2021. She stated that he was her Valentine and his name was Dave. The health expert added that her beau knows the way to her heart, which is food and plants and is her support system.

Lovewell and her partner when she first introduced him to her followers. [Photo: Lovewell’s Instagram]

Lovewell called him an expert home renovator and the best cat dad. Recently, the lovely couple went camping with their friends and seemed like they had a great time together.

Previously, both worked at SoulCycle. When Lovewell was working there, her beau was an operations manager. Did they have their first encounter at the workplace?

Overall, Clark is a private guy who had an Instagram account but has, unfortunately, deleted it.

Nevertheless, the lovebirds are living their life in bliss while supporting each other in tough times.