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Ali Macofsky Met Her Boyfriend Through Tinder

Himal Ale Magar


Ali Macosfsky, who seemed to enjoy her single life, shocked her fans as she revealed her boyfriend on social media.

However, it was not the first time she mentioned him. The comedian had brought her partner to a podcast where she asked him a few burning questions.

Kept Her Boyfriend’s Identity a Secret

In November 2021, the standup comedian had a big surprise for her fans and followers. As her relationship status was unknown then, most netizens were curious if she had a boyfriend.

So, Ali took to Instagram to finally unveil her love life. She shared pictures of her beau and captioned, “Happy one year of trying to keep you a secret on Instagram.”

The post also revealed that she had met her love on Tinder but did not mention his real name.

Ali further added being single was better for her brand identity, but she was willing to compromise for her partner.

Since then, her partner had numerous appearances on the comedian’s social media. For instance, she shared a video on TikTok, which showed her lover combing her hair.

Her partner appears to be deeply affectionate towards Ali, and they have a close bond with each other. Furthermore, she also made a video of her beau appreciating who he was and what he meant to her.

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Her Boyfriend Is Not Allowed to Watch Some of Her Podcasts

Before she revealed her lover on Instagram to her fans, she brought him to her podcast in March 2021. However, he did not appear on camera but interacted with Ali off-screen.

At the time, Ali noted it was a brave attempt to bring her partner to the podcast. Further, the internet personality mentioned she did not allow beau to watch any of her podcasts except JT and the Larry episode.

She then asked her partner if it was weird to see her doing a podcast, to which he responded with a no. He also mentioned Ali was the most hyped during the podcast compared to other times she was with him.

She Talked About Her Partner In A Podcast [Photo: Ali’s YouTube]

Further, her beau mentioned she was a good girlfriend. He also noted Ali was supportive and selfless as a person.

Besides, the standup comedian also humorously mentioned that her partner does not have a name and is reluctant to refer to him by his real name.

She also stated being in a relationship was weird, and if they were still together, Ali would answer all her fans’ questions about her boyfriend.

Fortunately, they are still together. Her partner has made several appearances on her podcast, where she talked about her day-to-day life with him.

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Ali’s Partner Is an Artist

The comedian’s partner’s Instagram handle is chocmuzzly, where the musician mentioned him as a Mcconagheyfan.

He has a band named Magnetic Library; their EP A Stupid Smile was released in February 2022. On the other hand, the song “Secret Friend” came out in March 2022.

The comedian’s Partner Is A Musician [Photo: Ali’s Instagram]

The artist frequently features himself and several friends, including celebrities like Mark Mcgrath, to promote his music.

His songs are available for streaming on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Besides the singer also has a YouTube channel called Mo Knows, where he refers to himself as Mo. Recently, the artist featured Ali in a video where the two reviewed flavored e-cigarettes.