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Mike Majlak Is Smitten with His New Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar


Mike Majlak often posted a girl in his Snapchat and Instagram stories. His YouTube videos featured several other women, but his stories in mid-2023 intrigued many and wondered if she was his girlfriend.

Thus, fans took to Reddit to discuss who the girl could be, and a user noted that she was Sara Maughan. Likewise, others noted that they even went on a getaway together to a hotel in Laguna Beach.

Revealed His Girlfriend in a Podcast

The speculations regarding Mike’s partner began when he featured a beautiful girl in his Snapchat story. While the fans revealed her identity on Reddit, the internet personality clarified the speculations in a podcast.

During the session, Logan Paul noted that Majlak had finally found a girl. He responded her name was Sara without the “H.” The YouTuber added that she was a Latina with a patient and mature attitude.

Furthermore, Maughan shared their pictures for the first time in September 2023. She featured a bouquet of roses that he had given and cute photos from their dinner in Manhattan, New York.

Likewise, Majlak first featured her on his Instagram in July 2023. Ever since the couple has been sharing pictures with one another on their respective social media.

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Mike’s Partner Is From Cuba

In August 2023, the YouTuber and his partner went to Miami to create content for his video. At the time, the internet personality asked his girlfriend if she was Cuban and mentioned Sara might not know any Spanish.

Shortly after his question. Sara responded that her grandparents came to the U.S. after Castro took over Cuba. Further, she even translated a few sentences into Spanish for the viewers.

YouTuber And Sarah Explored Little Havana [Photo: Mike’s YouTube Channel]

The couple would spend the rest of the trip visiting new places and surfing. Besides, he would later be joined by Logan Paul, and did a burger review together.

Further, she would make another appearance with the YouTuber in September 2023. The couple then attended a dinner in Tao in New York.

He Previously Claimed Another Woman to Be His Belle

Before Mike Sara, he mentioned another girl as his partner on YouTube. The video, uploaded in November 2022, was titled Meet My New Girlfriend | The Night Shift.

The content creator was at the Miami beach when he mentioned he was keeping his relationship a secret. Shortly, he introduced Charlotte as his lover and added they had been dating for six months.

Mike With His Supposed Girlfriend Charlotte [Photo: Mike’s YouTube Channel]

Further, he humorously added they were having a baby. His shenanigans would not end there, as he joked they were already breaking up.

But, later in the video, Mike revealed it was all made up and noted Charlotte was his good friend.

Besides, the model made her second appearance with the YouTuber in April 2023 when the two of them went to the world’s most expensive ski party.

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He Has a Good Relationship with His Former Lover

The YouTube personality was previously dating Lana Rhoades. They met in January 2020 when Logan gave him a meeting with her and connected immediately. However, they decided to split up just after a couple of months of dating.

It was revealed that Mike foiled the plans to move in together on two occasions. As a result, Lana had enough and decided it was time to end their relationship. Ever since, the two had remained friends on good terms.

Additionally, the model has also appeared in several of his YouTube videos. Recently, Lana was featured alongside her son Milo.

his-ex-girlfriend-has-a- son
His Ex-Girlfriend Has A Son [Photo: Mike’s YouTube Channel]

They went on a shopping spree and had a great time together. Besides, the internet personality also commented about his relationship with Lana.

Mike noted, “We’re not getting back together, but she’s my homie for life, and I’ll always check in on her and little man.”

So, it seems like the YouTuber has maintained a great relationship with her former partner while being committed to his belle, Sara.