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Charity Gayle and Her Huband Welcomed Their Kid on Christmas

Himal Ale Magar


Charity Gayle is married to her husband, Ryan Kennedy. The couple was blessed with a son on a special occasion.

Together, they have cultivated a 24-hour worship and prayer movement called Gatherhouse. Over the years, they have continued to write and spread the gospel in the US and globally.

Welcomed Their First Child

Songwriter and worship leader Charity and her partner made a sweet pregnancy announcement in September 2022.

Charity sang a lullaby-like song for her child. The video was uploaded on YouTube, where she also indicated that the baby was due in 2023.

A month later, after their announcement, the singer wrote that god had his hand on the baby boy. Further, she thanked her well-wishers for their prayers and noted the baby was abundantly healthy.

Besides, Charity also mentioned the baby was coming sooner than she thought. The worship leader added, “But all glory to God, he will be here so soon!”

Eventually, the couple welcomed their son, Remington Judah, in December 2022 on Christmas. Charity shared the news on her Instagram account and penned that her kid was the most fantastic Christmas present ever.

They Welcomed Their Son On Christmas [Photo: Charity’s Instagram]

However, Remi had to spend extra time in the NICU, but the two were happy they got to spend Christmas with their son.

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Married The Man Of God’s Plan

The worship leader shared wedding vows with Ryan on November 23, 2018. The auspicious occasion was held in the presence of their friends and family members.

They had worshipped Jesus in the grove before walking down the aisle. The singer penned the horses knew what was happening and came to witness the display of glory.

Charity was grateful to have made the vows in worship to Jesus. Moreover, the singer stated that her husband was a thoughtful and kind man with honor and integrity.

The Songwriter With Her Partner At Their Wedding [Photo: Charity’s Facebook]

During their first year together, the couple experienced exponential growth. Further, since the couple married, they have celebrated their anniversary every year.

On this occasion, Charity did not hesitate to express her love and affection for her husband. She looked back at their time together and recalled all the adventures and growth they had experienced.

She also noted that Ryan was more memorable than she could describe.

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Her Husband Is A Resident Artist

Similar to Charity herself, Ryan is a worship leader, songwriter, and music artist at the Big House Church. He is often on tour with fellow singer and recording artist Charity.

Over the years, their songs have been translated into several languages and performed by the Church worldwide.

The two had known each other since early 2017; it was also when Ryan started to appear together with the worship leader.

Eventually, the couple would make their relationship a year later in November 2018. At the time, Charity shared a series of pictures featuring Ryan.

Her Husband Is A Singer And Song Writer [Charity’s Instagram]

The post was captioned, “My heart found its beat.” Since then, the couple has been together, traveling across the show and performing in Churches and events.

For instance 2019, Charity and Ryan shared their songwriting advice with Liberty music students in April 2023.

The award-winning singer and her husband worked with students from Liberty Liberty University’s Michael W. Smith Center for Commercial Music.

They shared their wisdom and industry insights, which they have experienced from their career with the students.

Further, some students showcased their original songs during the session with the couple, who offered their critique and advice.