Is the Lady Seen With Spencer Lofranco at Gotti Premier His Wife?

Prasiddha Gautam

Spencer Lofranco had attended the Gotti premiere with a beautiful lady. The duo looked perfect for one another. Is she his wife?


Lamorne Morris’s Daughter Is Three Years Old

Suyasha Rupakheti

Lamorne Morris has a three year old daughter. Also, unlike her baby mama, he has spoken a lot about his past love life.


Morgan Davies Came Out as a Trans at 13

Dinesh Shrestha

Morgan Davies came out as a trans in his early teenage years. It was difficult for him to open up about his gender & sexuality.


Niko Terho Has Been in a Long-Distance Relationship

Prasiddha Gautam

Did you know that Niko Terho had many girlfriends in the past? Further, find out about the handsome actor's current relationship status!


Emun Elliott Revealed His Girlfriend in Interview Way Back in 2014

Prasiddha Gautam

Did you know that Emun has a girlfriend who loves to watch historical/dramatic TV series? Further, the girl leads a mysterious life.


Lee Min-Ki Had a Relationship With Someone Elder Than Him

Himal Ale Magar

Lee Min-Ki's preference is rather peculiar as he prefers a relationship with an older woman. He is single and has reasons behind it.


Tom Cullen’s Ex-partner, Tatiana Maslany, Is the Wife to a Handsome Guy

Prasiddha Gautam

Did you know that Tom Cullen's ex-partner Tatiana Maslany has already married after their split? Find out if the actor has a new girlfriend.


Daniel Ings Met His Wife While Studying Theatre Studies Course

Bimal Waiba

Find out where Daniel Ings first met his wife. Also, find out if the married duo has any children together.


Peter Gadiot’s Love Life and His Relationship with Alice Braga

Himal Ale Magar

Peter Gadiot has, over the years, uploaded photos of a mysterious lady. Find out if she is his girlfriend & look at his relationship.


Daniel Henney’s Dating Status: Relationship with Rumored Girlfriend Ru Kumagai

Bimal Waiba

Find out why people thought Ru Kumagai was Daniel Henney's girlfriend. Learn about their relationship & Daniel's thought on an ideal partner.

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