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Tom Cullen’s Ex-partner, Tatiana Maslany, Is the Wife to a Handsome Guy

Prasiddha Gautam


Tom Cullen wished to marry his former partner, Tatiana Maslany. He had been dating her since 2011, but sadly, the duo parted ways secretly. The former couple was last seen together during the SXSW film festival in 2019.

After their split, Tom’s ex-girlfriend moved on and married another great guy.

Tatiana Married Her Partner in Private

The 38-year-old is living a blissfully married life with her husband, Brendan Patrick Hines, who is an American Actor and singer. She revealed that she was married to him on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

When Stephen said that nobody knew about their wedding. the actress joked, “Nobody knows, so don’t tell anyone.” Tatiana had shared the big news, which she had kept low-key.

The romantic duo tied the knot in a secret wedding which was held during the Pandemic. Further, the couple did not do the registry on the day they wedded.

Her wedding went very well with Brendan, and at the ceremony, their dog, Earl, was the ring bearer.

The pair had tied the ring’s case around the dog’s collar. When they were taking intimate pictures, their dog jumped around and played in the field.

Little did they know that the ring that was on the dog’s collar had already been lost.

Eventually, Tatiana and her partner were shocked when they found out their ring was gone. Fortunately, after searching thoroughly, they found the ring in a field that she described as a field of sheep.

Stephen also shared the picture of Earl with the opened ring box hanging on his collar to the audience.

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Tom Cullen and Tatiana Dated for Years before Their Split

Tom admired Tatiana Maslany and described her as an incredible figure. The duo had a fated encounter when they were filming a miniseries, World Without End, in 2011.

After dating for 6 years, Tom expressed his desire to marry her in 2017. The actor did move to Los Angeles to be with Tatiana. Moreover, he had been waiting for her to put on a ring.

Further, the 38-year-old acknowledged her and considered her as the best actor that he had worked with.

Well, the pair attended many red carpet events and shone as the brightest couple there.

Tom Cullen with his former partner Tatiana. [Photo: Instagram]

Well, even though they had good times together, Tom and Tatiana eventually broke up.

The former lovebirds decided to go their separate ways, and their fans, in due course, realized that they weren’t together anymore.

After his break-up, the actor hasn’t revealed anyone new in his life till now.

He once posted a picture with an American musician, Alison Sudol. But it turns out to be a photo from their collaboration as they worked on the music video of Come on Baby.

Tom had joined the live stream with her and is the director-writer/director of the visual.

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The Ex-couple’s Real-Life Relationship Improved the Emotional Climax of the Other Half

The ex-lovers co-starred in The Other Half, but there is more to it. The actor and actress felt that their bond helped during their work.

Tatiana, when she felt pressured or nervous during the recording, was supported by Tom. The former lovers understood the situation they were in and tackled it with their love.

Tom and Tatiana’s relationship helped her a lot during the filming of The Other Half. [Photo: Tatiana’s Instagram]

They both felt that their romantic connection had helped to film the movie, which was a very raw and vulnerable film.

The former couple have played two more movies together, and they are Pink Wall and Souls of Totality.

All in all, Tatiana and Tom had a great relationship both on set and in real life, but things didn’t go as per the plan.

Hopefully, Tom will also find the woman of his dreams, like his former partner.