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Emun Elliott Revealed His Girlfriend in Interview Way Back in 2014

Prasiddha Gautam


Emun Elliott has a girlfriend, who he has managed to keep away from the limelight for all these years. Because of his secretive nature, netizens thought he was single until the 2014 interview, where he revealed his relationship status.

The actor divulged about her when he was asked to distinguish the differences between The Paradise and Mr. Selfridge, both of which were shows relating to history.

Emun Revealed That He Has a Girlfriend

Emun, who has shut the doors of his romantic affairs, shared that he has a belle. But he introduced her indirectly. In the interview with Cult Box, he was asked to state how The Paradise was different from its ITV counterpart, Mr. Selfridge.

The actor hadn’t watched the series Mr.Selfridge, so it was difficult for him to answer the question presented by the interviewer. He heard that it was a great watch but couldn’t comment on the differences.

Emun Elliot roaming around the city of skyscrapers. [Photo: Emun’s Facebook]

Then, he went on and said something surprising. Emun revealed that he has a partner who loved that historical drama. He said, “My girlfriend has, though, and she loves it.”

Emun felt slightly deceived when he found out that his girl had watched the show. However, not much is known besides that. Furthermore, it’s yet to be found out whether or not he is dating that same girl.

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Is the Mysterious Girlfriend of Emun Someone Famous?

Emun did say he was in a relationship but didn’t reveal the name of his lover. However, the actor was often seen with another famous Oscar-winning actress, Marisa Tomei. Moreover, they both have starred in the revival of the melodramatic play The Rose Tattoo.

Marisa played the role of the Sicilian widow Serafina, and Emun played the role of a character named Alvaro, who is a handsome truck driver who caught the eye of Serafina.

Emun and Marissa play their role in the drama The Rose Tattoo. [Photo: Emun’s Facebook]

The first interval of the drama is melancholic, as it narrates the story of a self-destructive woman. Emun played his role from Act II and spent his time observing Marisa, who starred from the start.

He loved to observe Marissa’s act in the play so that he could get ready for the play when he walked onto the stage. Emun admitted that he was nervous about playing the role together with Marisa because she had played with different Alvaro at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in 2016.

Further, Emun hoped that his character was unique for the viewers, just like he was for Marissa. Plus, they both are seen cozy with each other outside of the play and have attended an event together.

However, the actor and actress haven’t stated anything regarding their romantic affair, plus Emun’s absence on social media has shrouded his love life in mystery and is yet to be revealed.

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He Has Stared as Gay in a TV Series

Emun has played a variety of roles in different series. One of the roles that stood out was when he played a gay character named Richie in the TV show Thr*esome.

The director, Ian FitzGibbon, presented this comedy-drama focusing on the three characters. In the show, two of the characters, Alice (Amy Huberman) and Mitch (Stephen Wight), starred as a straight couple, and the other one is their gay friend.

Their life took a pivotal turn when they celebrated Alice’s birthday and further opted to have [expletive]. After the fun night, she realized that she was having a baby.

What’s more surprising is that the child’s biological father came out to be Richie. Alice, instead of getting an abortion, decided to raise the kid.

The trio left their enjoyable life that was filled with fun parties, and their journey into co-parenting began. All in all, the comedy-drama is a great watch and is recommended for viewers above the age of 18 years.