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Lamorne Morris’s Daughter Is Three Years Old

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Besides being a talented actor, Lamorne Morris is an amazing father. He occasionally shares about his daughter, Lily, on his social media.

However, fans were shocked to know that he had a baby girl, as he kept the information about her arrival a secret. So, the question arises: Who is his baby mama with whom he shares his adorable kid with?

Lamorne’s Daughter Has Started School

As mentioned earlier, the actor kept the details about his baby girl a secret for a long time. He first shared about her in October 2021. Sharing a photo with her, he penned, “Somebody help me do her hair. I’m thinking Buzz cut…forever?”

Lamorne Morris kept the birth of his daughter a secret. [Photo: Instagram]

After that, he often updated his fans about her activities. In September 2022, he celebrated her second birthday. Posting on his Instagram, he wrote, “2 years of Joy & Silliness!!! Happy birthday to my little gal. The GOAT of babies.”

As of 2023, Lamorne’s daughter is three years old. He posted about her on her third birthday and revealed that the day of her birthday was also the first day of school.

He also quipped, “Happy Birthday Lily! Her bday wish is that you hug the person directly to your right and ignore the person to your left. She’s very particular.”

Furthermore, the little girl is also a Swiftie. In April 2023, he shared a video of their conversation while riding a car. He asked her who she wanted to listen and she simply replied, “Taylor Swift.”

All in all, Lamorne and his baby girl have a special bond. She seems to be growing up surrounded by immense love and care.

Fans Are Curious about Who the Mom of the Little Girl Is

After Lamorne shared about his baby girl, he had people asking: Who is the mother? He has never shared anything about his baby mama.

As a result of the mystery shrouding the information about the mother of his daughter, fans began discussing her on online forums.

As per Lipstick Alley, a fan noted that the mama could be biracial. Likewise, in November 2012, he tweeted a status saying, “Follow my ex baby mama Juliana,” and even put an Instagram link.

Lamorne Morris tweeted about his baby mama. [Photo: Reddit]

But since it was way before his baby girl arrived, it is not sure if that tweet was real or just a joke.

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Got Candid about His Relationship with Nasim Pedrad

In September 2020, the handsome actor sat down with Jessica Radloff of Glamour and discussed some aspects of his personal life.

Radloff asked what he had to say about people searching about his love life. He revealed that people thought he was with his ex.

But she’d been in a relationship with someone else for years at the time. They had been broken up for a while, but people who thought otherwise still texted him.

While he did not reveal the identity of his former girlfriend, could it be he was talking about E! host Erin Lim? He had been with her publicly.

After being spotted a couple of times, she confirmed their relationship when sharing her first Emmys experience with E! News.

While taking the name of people who made her experience better, she included Morris, saying, “All the way to the amazing surprise from my boyfriend Lamorne Morris.”

It is not known when they called it quits, but as of 2019, he had deleted most of the photos featuring Lim.

Coming back to the interview, Morris further added that people linked him with Nasim Pedrad. But, she was one of his favorite people, if not his favorite person to work with.

The duo were first seen together in the series New Girl. They played spouses and went on to be one of the most loved on-screen couples. The fans were quick to speculate that they might be dating off-screen as well because of their return as a pair in the movie Desperados.

Lamorne Morris and Nasim Pedrad are friends. [Photo: Instagram]

Well, it might be heartbreaking news to the fans who were hoping the on-screen couple would have something in real life, too.

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A Brief Description of His Past Love Life

In the same interview, Morris also revealed the most romantic thing he’d done for a girlfriend. On her birthday, he was filming in another country.

But he decided to leave it and fly back to surprise her. He’d sent her gifts and a video message saying he was sorry he couldn’t be there. But he’d sent that video from around the corner of her house.

Moreover, in an interview with Ebony in February 2018, Morris revealed his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. According to him, she “Stepped out on [him] with a star.”

Well, his past love life appears to be an open book, but the same cannot be said about his current relationship status. However, he did once reveal that he would want his future partner to understand that he liked basketball.

Morris, who extremely loves basketball, wouldn’t want his future lover to stop him from watching it. If they appeared to have a problem with that, then they would have a problem.