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Daniel Ings Met His Wife While Studying Theatre Studies Course

Bimal Waiba


It’s no doubt that Daniel Ings has a successful acting career but also has been able to achieve a thriving love life. He shares a marital life with his long-term girlfriend-turned-wife.

In addition, he is parenting two kids with her.

Daniel Ings First Linked with His Wife at Lancaster University

Initially, Daniel’s first encounter with his now-spouse happened when they both were enrolled at Lancaster University. As per the University’s official website, the couple met while studying Theatre Studies course.

However, it’s pretty bizarre that Daniel hasn’t revealed the face and details of his wife. He possibly wants to maintain secrecy about his love life and partner.

Moving back, the first time he spoke about his girlfriend was during the interview session with Digital Spy in 2014. He said, “I’ve been with my girlfriend for nine years, so I don’t have that problem!”

Daniel Ings wife
Daniel Ings is a married man and has a wife. [Photo: BAFTA Guru/YouTube]

Daniel often spares time for his lovely wife and spends good time together. They stayed in the bar called The 78 when he was filming for the second season of Love Sick.

The Instinct actor hasn’t mentioned his partner significantly since the last interview session with Radiotimes.com in 2018.

Nevertheless, speculations keep swirling as he has never publicly unveiled his wife.

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Father of Two Kids with His Wife

Daniel Ings and his secretive spouse have further nourished their romantic relationship by raising two kids. Regardless, he is fairly picky about sharing information about his children, including their names.

Although the birth details of his first child are undisclosed, besides the fact that his older one is a son, Daniel mentioned his second kid in an interview.

Some lines by him from that interview were, “We’d just had our second child when I did the last series, so I didn’t get to hang out with the cast and crew much.”

Daniel Ings wife
Daniel Ings is a father of two kids. [Photo: London Live/YouTube]

In addition, Daniel is a responsible father and often spends time with them despite his busy work schedule.

The actor has also spent weekends with his wife and kids at beautiful B&B at the foot of the Campsie Hills. They spent their weekend at Finglen House after filming of Love Sick’s third series.

It’s still a riddle why Daniel has kept his family low-key from the public’s prying eyes. Nonetheless, he often shares about his children whenever he gets the chance and shows the signs of a responsible father.

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Daniel Ings’s On-Screen Wife in I Hate Suzie

Daniel Ings has co-starred with the actress Billie Piper in the television series I Hate Suzie. He played the character of Cob Betterton, the husband of the main character Suzie Pickles, played by Billie Piper.

[Spoiler Alert] In the show, Cob and Suzie have also shared a son named Frank. However, their marital relationship is portrayed as a mismatch, and they don’t share a lovely romantic relationship.

In the series, there is a situation where Suzie’s career is destroyed, and love is out of the picture. At that moment, Suzie tries to make her marriage to Cob work, but frankly, he is awful, and she finally tells him she doesn’t love him and leaves, as per the details from Den of Geek.

Cob, at the end of season one, says to Suzie, “I just want you to know that I will never [explicitly] forgive you, and I will make your life a living hell from now on forever.”

In real life, Daniel Ings’s love life with his wife seems going perfectly, and he enjoys beautiful moments with their kids.