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Niko Terho Has Been in a Long-Distance Relationship

Prasiddha Gautam


Niko Terho has been in a relationship and has had girlfriends in the past. He previously shared some tidbits about his previous connections and love life.

The actor also discussed the aspects that turn him off from entering a charming connection.

He Had a Girlfriend: Know about the Aspects That Are Deal Breakers for Him

In an interview, along with his friend and co-actor Jake Borelli, Niko revealed that he has been in a long-distance relationship.

When he was asked whether or not a long-distance was a deal breaker, he replied it wasn’t fun for him. So it was a deal-breaker for him.

Niko Terho has had girlfriends in the past. [Photo: Niko’s Instagram]

Further, Niko addressed that he had no problem with dating someone with the same name as his exes.

Moreover, Niko is from Barbados, which is a small country with just a total land area of 169.5 square miles. While he was in his homeland, the handsome guy would sometimes end up dating the ex-girlfriend of his friends.

But dating someone who has opposite political beliefs is a no for him. When they were asked if a bad dancer as a partner was a turn-off or not, Jake and Niko had no problem with that aspect.

Further, they thought that it was a cute thing and could also learn it together.

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Niko’s Prolific Portrayal of a Pansexual Character

Niko, the talented actor, portrayed the role of Harry Turpin in the movie The Thing About Harry. Moreover, he is a pansexual guy in the film. This rom-com drama revolves around the romantic life of Sam Basilli, a gay character who, in real life, is played by Jake Borelli.

It takes place at a college in Chicago, where Sam, in his final year of the Political Science program, is recovering from the breakup with his last boyfriend, who was also his best friend.

Further, the student vows to never date a friend again in his life to avoid the double drawback.

The role played by Niko was of a past bully who had tormented Sam throughout high school because of his sexual orientation.

[Spolier Alert] The movie takes a turn on Valentine’s weekend when the main character has to take Harry on a 9 hours ride to their hometown.

Niko Terho portrayed the character of a pansexual guy in the movie The Thing About Harry. [Photo: Niko’s Instagram]

Sam thought that Harry was still the same adolescent-minded guy, but he had changed as he revealed to the main persona in the movie that he was pansexual. They both bond well on the nine-hour journey.

Their relationship had bumps and bad luck along the way, but eventually, Sam develops feelings for his friend Harry. He has to decide if he will break his promise whether or not to date a fellow friend again.

Overall, the movie is a fabulous representation of college life romance with a touch of comedy and intricate emotional aspects.

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Is Niko Dating His Friend Jake Borelli?

Niko Terho and Jake Borelli have starred together in a movie and a TV series. They both have played great roles in the famous show Grey’s Anatomy, which has 19 seasons and has been airing since 2005.

Jake is openly gay and also answered the deal-breaking things in a relationship for him along with Niko.

Even though they have played the roles of a couple on-screen, in real life, those two are just good friends.

The actor expressed that he was single but lucky enough to have his two onscreen, super cute, fake boyfriends on Valentine’s Day.

All in all, Niko and Jake are not dating, and their love life is yet to be explored.