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Lee Min-Ki Had a Relationship With Someone Elder Than Him

Himal Ale Magar


The fans adored Lee Min-Ki’s on-screen relationship with co-star Seo Hyun Jin in the series The Beauty Inside.

He was so true to his character that his chemistry with the actress surprised many, but his preference for women might even shock his admirers.

Prefers to Have Relationships with Older Women

The talented personality is not in a known relationship as of this writing. He has never revealed who his partner was or anything about them.

However, according to the Korea Herald, he shared details regarding his past relationship on JTBC’s talk show “Witch Hunt.” It was revealed that the actor was previously dating an older woman.

Regarding the subject, the model claimed that he dated someone six years older than him. This surprised many viewers and fans, but Lee had his reasons. He denoted that they became a couple naturally as time passed.

South Korean Actor Lee Min-Ki [Photo: Lee Min-Ki’s Instagram]

Furthermore, the handsome guy further revealed that he was single at the time. He added, “I could not date women a lot when I was a model.” 

Moreover, according to Drama Beans, the handsome actor acknowledged wanting to date women in their 30s. He stated, “I do get very lonely. I would love to be in a relationship.”

He further shared the experience when he felt so alone at his home that he found himself wishing he was dating a woman in her mid-30s. Age didn’t really matter to him.

He is surrounded by many great guy friends and hasn’t experienced what a real relationship is like. So, his leisure time is spent watching dramas, going to the movies, or listening to music.

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Wants to Form a Deep Relationship

As Lee succeeded in his acting career, he had more hopes and plans for the years to come. In an interview with Elle Korea in January 2019, the talented personality spoke candidly about himself.

According to Soompi, the actor shared that meeting new people and understanding them was difficult. So, he started learning certain life aspects through the characters he played.

For instance, if he had met someone in a project who was a better person than him, the model thought he would not be able to say and do things to his true self.

Further, at the start of 2019, Lee wanted to consider these things and love a little more, no matter who it was.

He Seeks To Find Love [Photo: Lee Min-Ki’s Instagram]

In his words, it made the model a little warmer, and he also had plans to work harder without taking any time off, if possible.

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He Enjoyed a Sweet Date with Seo Hyun Jin in a show

The actor played the role of Seo Do Jae, and the actress Seo Hyun Jin portrayed Han Se Gye in the popular drama series The Beauty Inside.

As their romance blossomed in the show, fans were excited to see them on a romantic date in one of the episodes.

Their chemistry was one of the show’s highlights after the on-screen couple went through several arguments and misunderstandings.

Lee Min Ki And His On-Screen Partner, Seo Hyun Jin [Photo: YouTube]

The actors appeared true to their characters and portrayed the romance and all the emotions of a pair that had just started dating.

In the respective episode, the two could be seen sharing an intimate moment. Eventually, they would kiss and spend the rest of the date playing cards at home.

Besides, despite their dynamic love life in the series, the two celebrities were not real-life couples. So, their fairytale-like romance was only limited on-screen.

Well, fans can only hope that their favorite actor finds someone special real soon.