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Peter Gadiot’s Love Life and His Relationship with Alice Braga

Himal Ale Magar


Peter Gadiot and his on-screen partner Alice Braga’s slow-burn romance in the series Queen Of The South has made fans curious if they are in a real-life relationship.

Besides, the privacy surrounding the actor’s love life further stirred up these rumors and speculation. Throughout the years, Peter has featured women on social media, but their relationship remains a mystery.

Is the Actor in a Long-Term Relationship?

The British actor is low-key about his personal life and rarely shares details about his love life. However, in 2014, in a Twitter Q&A session, Peter revealed that he did not have a girlfriend or a wife at the time.

He added that he hoped his relationship status would change soon, and eventually, it did. In February 2018, the One Piece live-action series star posted a picture of his supposed girlfriend on Instagram.

She wore a bikini, standing on the beach, and enjoying the rainbow over the vast blue sea. However, the face of the mystery woman was not shared by Peter.

Similarly, his alleged partner would make another appearance on the actor’s social media. In the picture, the two stood on a cliff overlooking the beautiful view spread across the horizon.

The Actor And His Girlfriend Enjoy Each Other’s Company [Photo: Peter’s Instagram]

Further, the 33-year-old penned a beautiful poem dedicated to the woman in the picture.

But, similar to previous occasions, he did not share any details that indicated his supposed partner’s identity or relationship with her.

So, could the mysterious woman indeed be his girlfriend, and Peter has decided to keep his love life private and away from the media’s attention?

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Peter and Alice Were Not in a Relationship

Over the years, the fans and followers of Peter Gadiot and Alice Braga loved to watch their romance grow in the series. Their on-screen chemistry made some fans speculate if they were dating.

However, they are not real-life couples despite the rumors circulating over the years. No evidence or information has been provided that supports the claim that they ever dated.

In addition, the two also did not have any comments regarding the subject matter. But, the actress revealed she was in a three-year relationship with Bianca Comparato in January 2020.

Only their closest friends and family knew their relationship. They have preferred to keep their personal life away from the media’s attention and the limelight.

The Co-stars Are Just Good Friends

Since the show’s release, viewers have debated whether the two had close ties behind the cameras. Fans of the show penned that Peter was a private person and rarely shared the details of his personal life.

Nonetheless, Reddit users noticed the two started to feature each other on their social media and formed a friendly bond.

Peter And Alice Are Good Friends [Photo: FAN BASE/YouTube]

For instance, Alice mentioned the actor’s name during a Q&A session on Facebook. At the time, she responded that he was a good kisser when a fan asked her about her experience while filming the intimate scene.

Peter watched the video, and he humorously penned, “Over three years of working together, she pronounced my name wrong! haha.”

Besides, regardless of their off-screen relationship, their fans loved and adored their on-screen bond.

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Peter’s Dating Preferences

Regardless of his private lifestyle, the actor has hinted at specific information about his preferences and love life. For instance, during a Q&A session, Peter noted that the meaning of love for him was oneness.

Further, he revealed that he has dated both celebrities and non-celebrities. According to him, the idea of being a celebrity was unimportant, and he only cared about their character.

Peter Has Dated Both Celebrities And Non-Celebrities [Photo: Peter’s Instagram]

Besides, regarding the actor’s choice of preference for women, his highlights revealed that he is attracted to a woman with beauty, brains, and an adventurous spirit.

Well, it was not the first time he shared details about his love life. In 2018, the actor mentioned that his ex-girlfriend was a ginger as he replied to a tweet from one of his fans.

Plus, according to Who’s Dated Who, he was rumored to have dated a Norwegian actress named Alisha Boe. However, none of the celebrities has made any comment about the subject matter.