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Daniel Henney’s Dating Status: Relationship with Rumored Girlfriend Ru Kumagai

Bimal Waiba


Daniel Henney, often admired for his brilliant acting skills, is sometimes known for having a successful on-screen romance. However, the subject people would like to poke is his love life and wife/girlfriend off-screen, a woman behind his back.

The Wheel of Time actor remains private on his love life and hasn’t shared much about this topic. Numerous questions about his relationship keep brewing among fans, making them curious.

Daniel Henney Isn’t Married: Rumors with Supposed Girlfriend

Daniel Henney’s professional career is an open book for his fans, but that is not the case with his relationship. Fans can stop worrying about his wife or marital journey as he is yet to tie a wedding knot.

Nevertheless, things started heating off because Henney sparked dating rumors with Japanese-American actress Ru Kumagai. According to AmoMama, his hawk-eyes fans noticed their now-deleted social posts shared publicly were taken at the same destination.

After rumors of their romantic life surfaced and fueled among netizens, Henney’s agency came with the answers and denied the rumors brewing.

Daniel Henney's wife
Daniel Henney hasn’t revealed his relationship till now. [Photo: Daniel’s Instagram]

His agency shared,” We would like to clarify the rumors of our actor Daniel Henney dating actress Ru Kumagai. Our agency contacted him and asked about the issue, and he described that they are just friends met from casual encounters”.

The denial of their relationship made by Henney’s agency didn’t stop people from speculating.

As per Allkpop, the couple often traveled to Prague, Czech Republic, together, where Daniel Henney was filming Wheel of Time. Ru Kumagai also posted photos of her time in Prague with Daniel on Instagram.

Despite these strong rumors, Henney and Kumagai never publicly addressed whether they had anything romantic. As time passed, the speculations faded, and it’s unclear if they shared a dating life.

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Daniel Henney’s On-Screen Paring with Zoe Robins: Their Undeniable Chemistry

Looking at his on-screen relationship, Daniel Henney plays Lan, a bodyguard of Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike), and has shared a connection with Nynaeve, played by Zoe Robins in Wheel of Time.

Their romance didn’t begin from the start but took place in the show’s finale. There is a cliffhanger for fans as Lan ends their relationship in Season 1’s final episode, “I will hate the man you choose because he is not me.” He tells Nynaeve under the gleaming morning sun.

Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney portrayed the role of Lan Mandragon. [Photo: Daniel’s Instagram]

Henney and Robins implied to the Wheel of Time fans that their separation couldn’t last long, simply hinting to Inverse.

He told Inverse, “I don’t know how much I can reveal, but Zoe and I have amazing chemistry together.”

In an interview with People, Robins shared some views on the romance development of the characters Lan and Nynaeve.

Some lines she said were, “I think the scenes with those two characters together helped showcase their softer sides because they’re both quite strong. It’s nice to see them soften up and see them smile.”

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His Thoughts on an Ideal Partner

Daniel Henney shared some of his opinions while he looks for a partner. The actor prefers that type of woman who is athletic and would love to enjoy workouts.

Henney is a sweet guy who prefers to date someone with a good sense of humor. He also sometimes finds a need for a girlfriend or being in a relationship is essential, sharing in an interview on MBCentertainment’s official YouTube channel.

He also shared some thoughts on dating life while having a meal with colleagues. Henney stated that he missed being in a relationship and said,” It’s important to be able to have someone in your life at times.”

Daniel Henney still hasn’t found a partner with whom he could share a marital journey. Netizens wait for his romantic life to bloom by having a lover or wife in the future.