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Sebastian Croft’s Support For LGBTQ+| Is He Dating A Co-Star?

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Sebastian Croft is one of those celebrities who isn’t afraid to be out and proud. The British actor has always been vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

However, unlike his coming out, the actor is secretive about his love life and tries not to reveal information about his relationship.

Sebastian Croft [Photo: Instagram]

So, who is Sebastian Croft dating?

Is Sebastian Croft Dating Joe Locke?

Since the release of the series Heartstopper, a question that surfaced among fans was if any cast members were dating in real life.

More specifically, fans of the show wanted to know if Sebastian Croft was dating Joe Locke.

In regards to the subject matter, one fan wrote, “Yes I think they are dating. No, I don’t think that thinking they are dating is a thought crime. I think it’s a reasonable conclusion given the evidence. No I don’t think they owe me/us/fans any kind of public statement.”

Sebastian Croft And Joe Locke [Photo: Instagram]

The rumors gained further momentum when fans Sebastian uploaded a photo with Joe Locke on his Instagram account. However, nothing in the picture suggests that the two were a couple.

Nonetheless, fans couldn’t help but ship both of them. One user wrote, “hope you two get marry👏👏👏👏”. Sadly, the two are nothing more than good friends, as per the reports by PopBuzz.

Further, neither Sebastian nor Joe have confirmed the dating rumors or have made any comments on any speculations.

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Are Olivia Rodrigo And Sebastian Croft Dating? Are They In A Relationship?

According to the reports by DailyMail, Sebastian Croft departed a VIP party held at Mortimer House in London with Olivia Rodrigo. The two supposedly met after Olivia’s gig at Eventim Apollo in July 2022.

The report claimed the songstress wore a cream minidress with multi-colored boots as she wrapped her arms around actor Sebastian Croft.

However, despite being seen together, the two have not confirmed their romance. So, it is assumed that the two are currently just friends.

Sebastian Croft [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, it was also reported that the singer was dating Zack Bia. Zack Bia and Olivia were seen together during Super Bowl.

Thus, it fueled their dating rumors as they were being spotted together on multiple occasions around the same time. Olivia was also previously linked to Adam Faze, who was a music video producer.

The two had split after several months of dating each other.

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Heartstopper Star Sebastian Croft Trolls Anti-LGBTQ+ Protesters 

Sebastian has always supported the cause of the LGBTQ+ community, the actor can be seen posting LGBTQ+-related posts on his social media platforms like Twitter.

In one of his tweets, Sebastian shared a picture of two gay dinosaurs kissing to insinuate that Queer had been there since the beginning.

Moreover, the Heartstopper star helped Pride attendees in London to confront anti-LGBTQ+ protestors at the event.

PinkNews claimed that Brown, Croft, and Locked danced defiantly and waved explicit finger signs, and sang Whitney Houston’s hit ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)’ in front of the protest group.

As a response to their act, the Heartstopper stars were applauded with thunderous claps and loud cheers from the people in the Pride parade.

Sebastian’s co-star Joe Locke told BBC that it was his first Pride parade and expressed it was such an honor to celebrate the occasion.

He further added, “It’s very, very surreal for me.” Needless to say, fans of the series were buzzing as the cast showed their support for the LGBTQ+ community at Pride in London.