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Zelie Timothy: A Mother Of Three Daughters Without A Marriage

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Zelie Timothy never married but has three gorgeous daughters. She was the biological mother of one of her daughters, and the other kids were from her boyfriend, the famous Fast & Furious actor Tyrese Gibson.

Timothy has kept her young daughter’s life hidden from the public eye. However, she was often seen in public with Gibson’s daughters in movie premieres.

The Three Daughters of Zelie Timothy and Tyrese Gibson

According to Distractify, Gibson has two daughters from his two ex-wives.

The actor shares a 14-year daughter named Shayla, whose biological mother is Norma Gibson. Tyrese and Norma were married from 2007 to 2009.

Tyrese Gibson with his daughter Shayla [Photo: Instagram]

Soraya Lee is Gibson’s four-year-old daughter from his second ex-wife, Samantha Lee.

Based on Essence, actor Gibson could be found with his grown-up daughter Shayla attending red-carpet events and movie premieres.

Tyrese Gibson with one of his daughters Shayla attending Fast & Furious red-carpet [Photo: Instagram]

Looking at the images, Shayla appeared to enjoy her father’s company. She is always seen smiling in the photos.

Per Lipstickalley, there was an exclusive picture where Timothy was also seen attending the premieres with Gibson and his daughter Shayla.

It seemed the Instagrammer Timothy shares a good bond with actor Gibson’s daughters too.

Zelie Timothy Talked About Her Daughter & How She Met Tyrese Gibson

In a YouTube video, the digital content creator stated that she did not want more children and wanted to work more in her life.

She also said that she wanted to give her 10-year daughter more siblings in the future. First, she wanted to make her life better.

Then, Timothy confessed that she wanted a successful “dark man” in her life with tattoos all over his body; then, she might have another child.

The YouTuber had not revealed who the father of her child Za’riah was. However, she said she was 16 when she had her first child.

The Instagrammer started dating The Fast & Furious actor Tyrese Gibson in early 2021 based on the facts of Legit.

Before she dated the actor, she was in a relationship with the rapper Trap Beckham.

According to Brobible, Trap Beckham and Timothy were still living together while she started dating Gibson.

The actor uploaded videos of them hanging out in a club with the model on his social media. One of the videos showed the couple getting very cozy.

Unfortunately, those videos were taken down from his social media.

In one of the videos, where the couple had gone to watch a basketball match, they sat close together.

After the news, Trap Beckham was unhappy about Timothy’s new date and kicked her out of his house. He had live-streamed all of it.

In the live stream, Beckham and Timothy were heard talking about the YouTuber heading out with Gibson.

The date between the model and the actor had its ups and downs. They had breakups but still managed to be together.

Timothy And Tyrese’s Relationship Status

Zelie Timothy talked to People regarding her relationship with the singer Tyrese Gibson.

The influencer said that when they started dating, the duo promised each other not to let anything get in between their love. Despite making promises, it did not work out.

Zelie Timothy and Tyrese Gibson [Photo: Instagram]

Timothy said Gibson would attend therapy so that they could reconcile, as she did not want her first serious date to end.

The things she had done for him made him so sad that he chose to break their promise.

Lastly, she said that she loved Gibson with everything since they met, and the therapy sessions would help them learn about themselves.

However, Gibson had other his own say on the matter. In an Instagram post, he outed his then-girlfriend as a masterful manipulator who allegedly used seduction and manipulation to keep him down.

Tyrese Gibson shared his thoughts with his fans [Photo: YouTube/FoxSoul]

He went on to ask God to release him from the poisonous relationship. He declared that he was single and even implored all those reading to slide into his former flame’s DMs and keep her company while he hunkered down and focused on his family.

Gibson claimed he wanted to take the relationship to the next level, get married, and live a family man’s life. However, his partner had other plans.

Moving forward, he wanted to avoid clubs and other women and instead stay home and be around his family and work hard for his family. The post was later deleted.

Looking at Timothy’s more recent Instagram posts, the therapy seems to have worked its magic, and the pair are back together.

The couple is finally living the beautiful family life they always wanted. They are living with all three daughters and are having a good time.