Graduate in Bachelors degree, Himal is a story teller, movie and anime enthusiast. He seamlessly navigates the vibrant tapestry of reading comic books, manga, writing, gaming, and pop culture.

Himal Ale Magar


Erika Ishii’s Current Partner: She Had a Boyfriend of Six Years

Himal Ale Magar

Erika Ishii is currently dating her partner, Lyra Levin, a circus performer. She was previously in a 6-year relationship with Teagan Morrison


Ashley Gavin Is Back With Her Former Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Ashley Gavin and her former girlfriend Jen Parker Davis are back together. See why they broke up with their decision regarding couple content,


Set Da Trend’s Real Name: Truth Behind His Stage Name

Himal Ale Magar

Set Da Trend's real name is Jeremiah Dixon. The rapper, who got his stage name from a friend, also has a son and is progressing in his career.


Charity Gayle and Her Huband Welcomed Their Kid on Christmas

Himal Ale Magar

Charity Gayle and her husband, Ryan Kennedy, spread the gospel through song. Read about their joyous pregnancy announcement and the baby.


Ali Macofsky Met Her Boyfriend Through Tinder

Himal Ale Magar

Ali Macofsky, who stayed single for her brand image, had a secret boyfriend. The comedian revealed she met him on Tinder.


Heather McMahan Didn’t Let Covid Tamper Wedding With Husband

Himal Ale Magar

Heather McMahan and her husband had to postpone their wedding because of COVID-19. Later, they had a blast in Italy.


Mike Majlak Is Smitten with His New Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Mike Majlak who has often joked about his girlfriend is finally in a relationship. The YouTuber was previously commited to Lana Rhoades.


Baylen Levine Got Back With His Former Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Balyen Levine is in a relationship with his former girlfriend. He was previously linked with Sadie, who had a deep bond with the YouTuber.


Break-up Rumors Surrounding Dani Speegle and Her Partner

Himal Ale Magar

Dani Speegle's partner helped her achieve many goals. However, their lack of social media presence has raised questions about their break-up.


Carly Aquilino’s Ex-Boyfriend Was Engaged to Ariana Grande

Himal Ale Magar

Carly Aquilino's former boyfriend was engaged to Ariana Grande. Carly accused her ex-beau Chris DiStefano of cheating.

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