OnlyJayus Was Cheated In the Past, But Now Has a Lovely Partner

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OnlyJayus, who claimed to be cheated by her former partner, has moved on to a new relationship. Her current partner is Brittany Dejardo.


Ashley Gavin Is Back With Her Former Girlfriend

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Josh Kiszka’s Revelation about Having a Same-Sex-partner

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Josh Kiszka has a same-sex partner with whom he has been together for eight years. He revealed his sexuality via an Instagram post.


James Lesure’s Rumored Girlfriends Have Already Become Wives

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Ronnie Woo Is Openly Gay and Happily Married

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Gorlock the Destroyer Began Transitioning as a Trans Woman at 19

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South Korean Rapper Moonbyul Addressing Gay and Dating Rumors

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Kim Dracula’s Gender Identity And Rumored Girlfriend

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The Confusion Prevails: Is Ari Shaffir Gay?

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