Charity Gayle and Her Huband Welcomed Their Kid on Christmas

Himal Ale Magar

Charity Gayle and her husband, Ryan Kennedy, spread the gospel through song. Read about their joyous pregnancy announcement and the baby.


Ali Macofsky Met Her Boyfriend Through Tinder

Himal Ale Magar

Ali Macofsky, who stayed single for her brand image, had a secret boyfriend. The comedian revealed she met him on Tinder.


Ava DuVernay’s Dating Life & Reasons For Not Having A Husband

Bimal Waiba

Find out the reason behind Ava DuVernay not having a husband and kids. Also, look at her rumored relationship with alleged partner Common.


Chelsea Laden and Her Husband’s Great Wedding Weekend

Prasiddha Gautam

Take a look into the dreamy wedding of Chelsea Laden and her husband Jake Rancic. See what made their marriage week special.


Camille Cottin Is Enjoying Relationship With Boyfriend And Is Against Marriage

Prasiddha Gautam

Find out why Camille Cottin is against marriage. Also, look at the actress's bond with her boyfriend and two children.


When Not Attending Gigs, Paul Virzi Spends Time with His Wife and Children

Prasiddha Gautam

Learn more about Paul Virzi's wife Stacet Virzi. Also, look at the couple's marital life alongside their two children.


Jonathan Antoine Was Inspired by His Girlfriend Michelle Doucet for His Album Believe

Prasiddha Gautam

Learn if Jonathan Antoine is still with his girlfriend Michelle Doucet who was the source of inspiration for his album Believe.


Karen Pittman Has Been Married in Her Reel Life, but What about Her Real Life?

Deepi Karna

Being a mother of two children, find out if Karen Pittman has ever been married or not. Also look at her past relationship and baby fathers.


Jo Cooke Weight Loss: Concerns Rise for Her Health

Deepi Karna

Fans have noticed a drastic weight loss of Jo Cooke. She also informed about being hospitalized for a long time. Know what's going on.


Turner Clay’s Wife: Her Current Whereabouts

Prasiddha Gautam

Clay Turner, director of the Blackwell Ghost, is married, but his wife remains shrouded in mystery. Has she really died? Find out more!

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