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Li Jun Li’s Relationship Status: Happily Married or Dating a Boyfriend?

Dinesh Shrestha


Li Jun Li’s boyfriend has become the most sought-after topic in social media as multiple questions arose from the netizens.

When the actress didn’t reveal her relationship status, they started to spread a rumor. The netizens circulated the information on the internet as the actor Lewis Tan was her beau.

Boyfriend Rumor Got Silent after Lewis Tan’s Tweet

Lewis and Li Jun Li worked together on the Netflix drama series Wu Assassins in 2019. Then netizens also saw them together on multiple occasions.

For instance, on August 7, 2019, they attended the Why Women Kill premiere at the Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly. They looked perfect together.

Li Jun Li with rumored boyfriend Lewis Tan [Photo: Twitter]

They often made appearances on each other’s social media posts, which made fans speculate something was cooking between them.

But Li Jun’s alleged beau shut the rumor through one of his tweets in November 2022. In the tweet, he mentioned her as his sister, eventually clearing the rumor about them.

He tweeted, “Last night at Critics Choice. So proud of my sis @lijunli for winning the breakthrough actress for Babylon. Check out this truly epic film in December, you may see another familiar face ;).”

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Were Li Jun Li and Adam Blake a Thing?

Back in January 2009, Broadway posted a picture of Li Jun with Adam Blake, a founding member of the electronic music band Zoot Woman.

While sharing the photo, the outlet mentioned him as her boyfriend, writing, “Li Jun Li cranks up the charm with her boyfriend, Adam Blake, of the punk rock band H20.”

However, the duo never confirmed their relationship, and neither talked about it.

Moreover, Li Jun’s supposed lover, Adam, is married to Juliet Blake. He has posted his and his wife’s picture on his Instagram profile.

On the other hand, the actress is less active on social media and never revealed her relationship status.

She has shared her travel pictures on social media but has kept her personal life information under wraps.

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She Had a Knack On Entertainment Industry Early On

The actress was born in Shanghai, China. And when she was still a child, her family moved from there to Bogota, Colombia.

She learned the Spanish language there. Then two and a half years later, they moved from Colombia to New York, where she learned English.

Furthermore, she revealed in an interview with Timid that, like any other Chinese parents, her folks also sent her to a classical Chinese dance school on the weekends.

There, she realized she was really in love with performance. She found out it was exhilarating to be on stage and to entertain.

Furthermore, despite being a good student, she hated school, which eventually led her not to want to follow the liberal arts route.

So, she went to Fiorello LaGuardia High School in New York. The actress’s father was an artist, so she ended up being a Dance major while also taking singing lessons on the side.

In an interview with Screenrant, the actress revealed that she eventually got into acting only because, at Fiorella, every student was given the opportunity to be involved in annual musicals.

Li Jun Li attended the Babylon premiere [Photo: Instagram]

That became her gateway into acting, and she eventually loved it so much. She began in musical theater and then went into movies and television.

However, in 2021 she told Deadline that her parents were not thrilled with her decision to become an actress. She stated,

“I think my parents would have preferred if I became a doctor or a lawyer. I mean I would have if I were them. However, they knew I had what my mom calls “artistic blood,” not only because I loved performing since I was a kid, but my father is also an artist.”

She further added that as a toddler, she would even cry on rhythm mid-tantrum. So, her folks knew it was a lost cause trying to convince her otherwise.