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Tim McMullan’s Eyes Have a Following of Their Own

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Tim McMullan, who was recently in the news for playing Atticus Pund in the TV show Magpie Murders, has been around for a long time: three whole decades, as of this writing.

Most people know McMullan for his roles, but a fair few remember him for his one particular physical attribute — his eyes.

Everyone can see that McMullan has peculiar eyes, but not many know the truth behind it.

Tim McMullan Has a Rare Eye Disease

McMullan’s eyes are something of a trademark. They distinguish him from the crowd.

He has small eyes, and they seem to have little eyelid movement.

The British actor seems to have a rare condition called Blepharophimosis Syndrome, or BPES. This is a genetic disorder that affects how one’s eyelids develop and look. It also seems to have an effect on people’s vision.

Tim McMullan has BPES, which gives him peculiar eyes. (Photo: Facebook)

The actor has not talked about his condition with a well-known publication, the reasons behind which we might never know.

Despite the condition, McMullan doesn’t seem to have had difficulties securing acting roles or acing them. Instead, his eyes have become something of a trademark.

Some even cherish his looks. The internet has a few wholesome stories regarding McMullan’s eyes.

Tim McMullan’s Eyes, a Source for Inspiration

Even though the actor has refrained from publicizing his eye condition, he hasn’t been able to stop people from sharing their stories about him and BPES.

One such story comes from Courtney D Gordan. On March 1, 2022, she took to Twitter to share a story about her husband’s struggles with BPES and how the actor had helped him.

“Today is #RareDiseaseDay. My husband Alon is on the right. The actor Tim McMullan is on the left,” she wrote in the tweet. “Both have BPES, which gives them their unique eyes and facial structure.”

She revealed how Alon Gordon had never seen anyone with BPES (except his mother) before he met McMullan.

But this wasn’t the first time she had shared this story.

Years before, on August 12, 2017, she shared on Tumblr a post about McMullan’s contributions to Alon’s self-confidence.

“The man whose example made my Alon believe in himself,” she wrote in the post underneath a McMullan portrait. “I have to show my gratitude.”

A similar story comes from Leanne Costello on Facebook, who made a post on January 29, 2014, detailing how she had found McMullan’s public presence and success inspiring.

Did Tim McMullan Get Eye Surgery?

“I think that’s so cool seeing an actor with the same unique eyes as our son [ethan],” she wrote in the post, revealing her son had his eye surgery when he was five.

“this is pretty cool as we never just bump into people with bleph let alone see actors on tv with it,” added Costello.

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In her post, she wanted to know whether McMullan, too, had an eye surgery to ease his condition like her son. The actor has yet to respond to the query, similar to how he has yet to answer questions about whether he has ever had an eye injury.

Cayenne Bradley, another person with BPES, made a similar post on April 24, 2013, talking about how it was “pretty inspirational” to see a famous person with “the same genetic difference as [her].

She even gushed about how she wanted to stand up and shout, “Hey, that dude has the same eyes as me!” when she watched his movie, The Woman in Black, in the theater.

We are sure these aren’t the only stories about McMullan’s condition and his success being inspirational.