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Is Lisa Wilcox Looking For Love on a Dating Show?

Dinesh Shrestha


Divorcing years ago with her husband, the 59-year-old actress Lisa Wilcox appeared on a TLC dating show along with her son Ryan Sherman in 2023.

In the show, the dating pool is made up entirely of mother-and-son duos. There, moms hunt for younger men, and vice versa.

Lisa’s Journey on the Show

In February 2023, Wilcox and her youngest son made their debut on the TLC dating show, whose first episode aired on January 15, 2023.

Wilcox and Ryan went to the show expecting to find love. At the same time, she also went to spend some quality time with her son.

However, the mother and son weren’t aware until entering the house that the dating pool was only the moms and sons.

Wilcox thought that there would be other people and other guys. Furthermore, things got even more interesting when the whole cast participated in a sex education class.

During the session, Lisa stated that she was “just as sexual” now as her teenage years. Shockingly, she also revealed that she had dated a guy 27 years her junior before.

Moreover, she believed younger men were better in the bedroom than older men. The actress clarified that older men have insecurity and need more coddling.

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Lisa Spent Three Weeks with Her Son on the Show

After the episode aired, Lisa took to social media to open up more about doing the show.

Lisa revealed that she got an opportunity to spend three weeks with her youngest son Ryan because of the show.

She further added that they were told she would be dating younger men and Ryan older women, but they didn’t know it was going to be “Mom’s and Son’s only.”

It was an adventure for both of them, and they became closer.

She further wrote, “I haven’t watched reality tv since the Bachelor years ago. Bummed they cut out the part I talked about – Oxytocin- the “love hormone.” There was a sex Education class and the Education was cut out.”

Lisa and her husband, Jeff Sherman, Called It Quits

The actress was married to Jeff Sherman. It is not known when the duo tied the knot, but they are proud parents of two sons.

The couple’s eldest son, Alex Sherman, was born in 1991, and Ryan was born in March 1995.

Moreover, Lisa revealed in one of her Instagram posts that they had been married for a decade.

While sharing a picture with Ryan in 2023, Lisa wrote, “Yes, my eldest son Alex and youngest Ryan have the same father. Married almost ten years. Divorced years ago.”

Actress Lisa Wilcox [Photo: Instagram]

Unfortunately, it is known why Jeff and Lisa ended their marriage. Not much is known about their divorce proceedings too.

Jeff Is Still a Loving Husband

Jeff Sherman found love once more after divorcing Lisa. He got married to American comedian Wendy Liebman in 2003.

Recently in May 2023, he wished her on the occasion of Mother’s Day by sharing a picture of her with her step-sons, Alex and Ryan.

He revealed that immediately after taking the picture, they told the boys that they were getting married.

He took that picture twenty years ago on a ski lift in the summer in Tahoe. Sherman penned, “Your love, wisdom, trust, humor, care, support and optimism shaped Alex and Ryan since they were small and used to listen to us.”

“You were their Mom in so many, many ways — and look what lovely, cool, tall men they’ve become,” he added.

Wendy and Jeffrey have come a long way in their marital journey. They love spending time together.

During an interview with KD Webster, she revealed that she and her husband binged all the British crime shows on BritBox and Acorn.

The couple has binge-watched several shows like Succession, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Ted Lasso, Shrinking, and others.

Furthermore, when asked how she balanced her career with home, she replied that she used to travel all the time, but then she began to perform mostly in town one night a week and run a monthly show (Locally Grown Comedy).

She stated, “I’ve been booked to do a few corporate gigs later this year, and I’m taping a special at the end of June, but I have a lot of time at home with my husband.”

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Unveiling Lisa’s Fascinating Journey: Exploring Her Early Life

Wilcox was born in Missouri and has appeared in over 100 film, television, commercial and theatre productions.

While she was in Missouri, Wilcox tried several times to make friends. It was hard, so she became more reclusive and began to read a lot of books.

Again her family moved to California when she was 14. She completed her high school in Irvine.

Because her parents moved a lot, it was challenging for her to make friends. But she finally made amazing friends, like 5 of them, who lasted for a long time.

Lisa Wilcox had a tough time during high school because her parents moved a lot [Photo: Instagram]

Wilcox was kind of a tomboy and isolated at that time. She attended Barbizon Modeling School and learned to wear make-up and other things.

That time was the main turning point for the actress. Then she discovered acting and did a couple of high school plays.

She started her career in Equity Waiver theatre. After that, she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at UCLA while also studying Grotowski. The actress has ever since appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Lisa Wouldn’t Have Gotten a Role Without Her Husband

Lisa got the opportunity to appear on several episodes of the 90s sitcom Boy Meets World because of her then-husband, Jeff Sherman.

“Well, I got the opportunity because of the one time I had nepotism,” she explained in an interview with Pop Geeks. The actress continued that at that time, her husband was one of the writer-producer of the sitcom.

So, she got a chance to learn about the whole writing team, cast, and all of that. They also said, “Hey, Lisa, you want to play a girlfriend?”

Wilcox tried to remember if she had to audition for it. “I don’t think I did,” she revealed. They had just given the character to her.

They just asked, “Lisa, can you do the voice-overs for this thing?”. “Sure.” We were all one big happy family,” she stated.