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The Heartstopper Actor Joe Locke Is Looking for a Partner Online

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Though the talented actor Joe Locke has had an endearing relationship in his reel life, he is yet to find a partner in his real life. As Joe plummeted to stardom thanks to Netflix’s Heartstopper, his love life has also been a topic of interest.

Firstly, the 19-year-old has never had a boyfriend publicly. So in order to be in a relationship, he has joined an online dating app, hoping to find a beau.

Joined Hinge in Search of a Partner

Multiple social media platforms have helped not just common people but celebrities too who don’t have much luck in the dating area. And one of the newest members in this area is Joe Locke.

As many might already know, the talented star is openly gay. And now, he has set out to dazzle his suitors with his appealing profile on the dating platform, Hinge.

He posted a shirtless selfie alongside some sharp-looking snaps. Furthermore, he also revealed things that many didn’t know.

For instance, he stated that one of his most irrational fears was the wasps and how much he hated them more than anything in the world. He also mentioned his fear of retractable metal tape measures.

In addition, he bet that not all could do splits with their finger and disclosed his knack for reading the plot of a movie before watching it.

As per his Hinge profile, he was based in Soho, London, and listed his height at 5′ 10″. Plus, he was also a self-proclaimed atheist having a liberal political view and put down his job as simply ‘film.’

One humorous bit about his profile was a photo of a road sign that read, “Shackled by LUST? JESUS Sets Free,” captioned “Dating me will look like…”

Another important bit from his verified profile was that he was not a smoker and liked to drink.

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On-Screen Dating with Reel Life Character

As stated earlier, Joe Locke’s popularity skyrocketed after his appearance in Heartstopper. The show revolved around Joe’s character, Charlie Spring, and his co-star, Kit Connor‘s character Nick Nelson.

Charlie happened to be a gay student, and Nick was a closeted rugby player at Truham Grammar School.

Spoiler alert; the series showed the intimate friendship between Charlie and Kit, Charlie’s passionate crush on Nick, and Nick’s battle with his sexuality and adoration for Charlie.

The fans loved their on-screen romance and chemistry so much and shipped the duo to be dating in real life as well. However, the on-screen pair are not dating in real life.

Joe Locke and Kit Connor are just good friends. [Source: Instagram]

Joe Locke’s on-screen partner Kit confirmed that they were just good friends, and their bonding also helped them perform intimate scenes.

Unfortunately, both of the duo have come under scrutiny for their roles. Well, Kit was accused of ‘queerbaiting,’ and was forced to reveal his sexuality while Joe’s name was searched on Twitter following the words ‘ugly’ and ‘gay.’

Relationship with Co-star Sebastian Croft

Not just with Kit Connor, but people also speculated that Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft, his co-star, are in a relationship. Though the duo didn’t have a lovely relationship in the series, they were indeed best friends in reality.

Despite Joe and Sebastian did put on a cozy display of being completely smitten while attending the Soho House Festival in Gunnerbury Park, nothing was going on between them.

All in all, Joe was a huge supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. He, alongside his other cast members, Sebastian, Tobie Donovan, Kizzy Edgell, Jenny Walser, and Corinna Brown, danced to Whitney Houston’s song ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ defying a cluster of homophobic banners.

In the end, hopefully, Joe Locke will find the kind of partner he is looking for.