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Meet the Supportive Parents of Juanpa Zurita

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Throughout his journey, Juanpa Zurita’s parents have been acting as a pillar of support for the internet personality. His father, Fernando Martínez-Zurita Reed, and mother, Teresa Arellano, have made numerous appearances with the YouTuber demonstrating their love and affection for him.

Further, similar to Zurita himself, his dad and mom are also social media influencers.

Juanpa Zurtia’s Parents Are Popular on Instagram

The talented vlogger was born on March 29, 1996, in Mexico City. They shifted to the US after his father, Fernando, was appointed a political counselor at the Mexican Embassy in the US.

Both of his parents are of Mexican nationality. Regarding their profession, TU NOTA has stated that Fernando is a businessman, and lawyer, while Teresa is a housewife.

Juanpa Zurita With His Parents And Siblings [Photo: Instagram]

Nonetheless, it did not stop Teresa from being a prominent figure on social media platforms. Currently, she has over 149K followers on Instagram, where she promotes different kinds of beauty products.

Likewise, his father, Fernando, is also a celebrity figure on Instagram, as he has accumulated over 58K followers. He uses his presence on the platform to support noble causes and share glimpses of his family life.

The lawyer had asked his followers to donate to Cozumel Island and help the people who were affected by the pandemic.

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Fernando and Teresa Are Supportive of Their Kids

Zurita has become one of the most influential internet celebrities in Mexico. As per a report by La Verdad, his parents were inspirational figures in his upbringing, especially his mother.

He once expressed his love and affection for Teresa through a post on Instagram, stating he did not take her love for granted and loved her presence in his life.

Similarly, both Fernando and Teresa are also vocal about their love for their kids. It is evident from their social media that the lovely family spends a lot of quality time together.

The lovely couple has always supported the dreams of their children and dedicated themselves to helping achieve them.

Alongside her motherly love towards her now grown-up kids, Teresa is also renowned as the mother-in-law of Mexico. Well, numerous girls wanted to be the partner of the social media sensation Zurita, and they sought to win over his mother.

A Family of Internet Personalities

Apart from Zurita, his parents have also raised three of his siblings. Their eldest’s son Fernando Zurita is a growing internet personality and can be seen sharing pictures alongside his wife, Christina Ponce, as they travel the world.

Similarly, their daughter Paola Zurita has over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account.

Furthermore, Paola is a certified HeartMath Trainer and the founder of Clymb Studio. She also doesn’t hold back from sharing her love and affection for her husband Alejandro Serralde.

Lastly, their youngest, Andrés, just like his brother, is a social media influencer who has attained over 2.2 million followers on his Instagram account. He is also the founder of the lifestyle brand Fábrica De Oxígeno.

Similar to his siblings, Andrés also shares his adventure with his partner Dani Hernández. She is also close to the Zurita family, as she can be seen in multiple pictures.

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Juanpa Zurita’s Emotional Meet-up with His Girlfriend’s Mother

After a year of being together and several adventures around the world, Zurita and his girlfriend Macarena Achaga, consolidated their relationship.

According to the report by HOLA, Zurita’s girlfriend has become close to his folks, and the actress also considers his family as her own. However, he never had the chance to meet his other half’s family.

Juanpa Zurita And Macarena Achaga [Photo: Instagram]

Fortunately, Achaga’s mother came to Mexico from Argentina, which created the opportunity for Zurita to meet her finally. Not just him but his whole family had a wonderful moment.

After their meet-up, Zurita shared numerous pictures on his Instagram account, sharing his excitement with his fans and followers.