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Rebecca McLaughlin Met Her Husband on Saint Patrick’s Day

Dinesh Shrestha


Rebecca McLaughlin and her husband, Bryan McLaughlin, are celebrating their sixteen years of marriage anniversary this year. According to her, they were neither best friends nor soulmates and did not even fall in love at first sight.

The two also share very little in common, but both of them love Jesus and share a desire to welcome people on the fringes in.

Meet Her Husband: Who is Bryan McLaughlin?

Bryan McLaughlin is an electrical engineer and medical device entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience developing next-generation implantable neurostimulation products and companies.

He is the founder and CEO of Micro-Leads. It develops a high-resolution chronic pain therapy with two times more therapeutic impact.

Talking about his education, he completed his degree in Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge in 2004. Then he completed his Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics engineering from the same college in 2008.

Rebecca McLaughlin’s husband, Bryan McLaughlin [Photo: LinkedIn]

As per his LinkedIn, he started his career at IBM Almaden Research Center, working as a Hardware Design, Hardware Storage Systems Division in 2001.

Then, he worked at different companies over his career. Currently, he lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States with his family.

Rebecca and Her Husband, Bryan, Married in 2007

Rebecca and Bryan tied the knot in 2007 in an intimate wedding ceremony. When the couple first married, she panicked, thinking that she made a mistake. Her husband somehow comforted her in her panic situation, and she felt that was a hopeful sign.

Since then, the duo has been together for over a decade now. Bryan is an engineering nerd from Oklahoma, United States. But the couple met in England; therefore, could it be he was there to study?

Before marriage, she had decided to leave her homeland because Bryan didn’t want to live in England. But the complication was the Church of England was paying for her education. Rebecca and her partner also had a discussion about it in advance before engagement.

Rebecca McLaughlin and her husband Bryan [Photo: Instagram]

Even though she was very committed to gospel witness there, she had to move on with her husband. Once she landed in the United States and started to live there, she worked at The Veritas Forum ministry.

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Attended the Same Church

Well, Rebecca sort of met her husband on St. Patrick’s Day, but the duo vaguely knew each other from church. The writer knew him as the loud American, and he knew her as the girl who wore knee-high boots every day and could improvise answers in group Bible study.

The pair lived in Cambridge, UK, at that time. When she had gone with her two friends to an exchange dinner at his college, she saw him and said, “I know that guy from church, we can sit with him.”

Then, Bryan asked them where he could get tickets to the May Ball at her college. In response, she asked if he could dance, to which he answered, “Yes,” and she invited him to come with her.

Rebecca and Bryan went to the same church. [Photo: Instagram]

Since they were attending an all-night party jointly, they decided on knowing about one another. However, they weren’t remotely dating. In fact, they spent very little time together, as she was pretty sure they weren’t a fit.

But over time, his character won her over. Rebecca and Bryan started dating just before she went to a seminary. Their few mutual friends were surprised at first. And then, after two years into seminary, she finally married him.

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Have Welcomed Three Children Together

The adorable couple is blessed with three kids. Rebecca and Bryan have two daughters, Miranda and Eliza, and one son, Luke.

She often shares her little ones’ pictures on Instagram of them playing and having fun.

Furthermore, the writer has also collaborated with their daughters, who are theologians. As for the duo’s youngest one, he was born in August 2018. Luke went to the school for the first time in September 2021.

Rebecca and Bryan have welcomed two daughters and one son [Photo: Instagram]

Well, Rebecca has revealed that delivering a baby was hard for her, despite every help and convenience from the nurse to the doctor and the soothing drug that seeped into her veins to numb the pain.

Nevertheless, her husband has been by her side. She has now welcomed three beautiful offspring and is enjoying herself with them.