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Your Narrator Is Engaged to His Girlfriend

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The gaming YouTuber Your Narrator is in a committed relationship as of this writing. He dated his girlfriend for some time before taking the next step in their love life.

A couple of months ago, Narrator announced on his YouTube channel that he proposed to his partner during their visit to Japan. Well, his real name has not been revealed by Narrator himself. But his mother mentioned that his name was Grant and would name him Mikaela if he was born as a girl.

The Gaming Vlogger Is Engaged

Your Narrator and his girlfriend, Lindsey Riggs, revealed they were traveling to Japan to spend their vacation in April 2023. In the post, Narrator also mentioned that a bucket list wish was about to be fulfilled.

The YouTuber later shared the entire vlog of his trip on his second YouTube channel. The video was uploaded on June 2023, titled, ‘SHE SAID YES!!! NARRATOR PROPOSES IN JAPAN!!! | VLOG.’ As the couple spent quality time, he decided to give her a big surprise.

Narrator And His Girlfriend [Photo: YouTube]

During the trip, Narrator requested Lindsey to take a picture with him in front of the camera. He then asked her about the rules of their relationship. Lindsey answered the question as she responded, “Love me, feed me, never leave me.”

Shortly after, the Narrator got down on a knee and replied, “What if I never left you?” as he proposed to her with a ring. He further added that she made him the happiest man in the world and asked her if she would marry him, to which Lindsey firmly responded, “Yes.”

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Narrator Met Lindsey through Tinder

Narrator and his friend Mully both were single during the time they were doing shots in Las Vegas. So at that moment, Mully suggested Narrator to download Tinder. Eventually, when he was flying back from Las Vegas, Grant got a notification that he had a match.

The match was none other than Lindsey, and Narrator mentioned that she was interested in him. Shortly after, they became close and started to text each other on a regular basis.

During their conversation, the couple realized that they had several things in common. For instance, both Lindsey and Narrator disliked people who were late and unpunctual.

Finally, after their bonding, the pair decided to meet for the first time. Their first date was set at a Japanese zen garden. Ironically, Narrator was 10 minutes late on the occasion because he could not find a parking spot.

Being late made Narrator nervous, and he started to panic, but eventually, their date ended really well, paving the way for their relationship. They began dating in April 2022.

Coincidentally, their anniversary day is the same as the YouTuber’s mother’s birthday.

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The Secret behind the Lovebirds’ Relationship

After their engagement, Narrator and Lindsey sat down together and answered questions from their curious fans and followers. The video was uploaded in June 2023, where the couple talked about their relationship.

When a fan asked about confidence in their love life, the duo responded by showing off their ring and replied they were pretty confident.

Narrator And His Girlfriend Lindsey [Photo: Twitter]

Besides, when asked for relationship tips, Narrator and Lindsey mentioned that love language and healthy communication were the most important aspects of their relationship.

The two also revealed that they were together for a year and a half during the time the video was uploaded. Moreover, the lovebirds humorously stated that they were not getting married when a fan asked them about it.

Additionally, Lindsey mentioned that her father was a military man. And as Narrator was enrolled in the military himself, it was easy for the couple to bond.