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CouRageJD Announced His Breakup with His Girlfriend

Dinesh Shrestha


CouRageJD and his girlfriend, Maddie McCarthy, are no longer together. The couple were in a relationship for three and half years and parted ways.

Before their breakup, fans had already noticed that the duo unfollowed each other on social media. Then, netizens wondered if the couple split up, which eventually was true after CouRageJD confirmed it.

CouRageJD Confirmed Breakup with His Girlfriend Maddie

Since the couple started dating, CouRageJD and his girlfriend constantly appeared in his live streams, playing different games together. But later, fans noticed her absence.

As per OtakuKart, the pair unfollowed each other on social media in December 2021 but later followed back again. Eventually, the couple’s break-up rumors started swirling around.

However, they never addressed the rumors. Later through a live stream, CouRageJD, AKA Jack Dunlop, officially shared the heartbreaking news that he and his girlfriend broke up.

In the video, he said that Maddie and he were no longer together. He mentioned Maddie as an incredible person, and their relationship had no toxicity. The pair’s relationship was only filled with love.

But sadly, something went wrong in their relationship, which eventually became the reason behind their split. He added, “We had already been going through this privately behind the scenes, and we’ve already spent multiple times as friends in the same location.”

The social media influencer shared three and half years together with her. He hoped that when the chapter closed, they both become better versions of themselves.

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The Former Couple Started Dating in 2019

The now ex-lovebirds started to date in September 2019. He dedicated his first-anniversary post to his beloved girlfriend in 2020.

He showed his love for her in the caption, expressing gratitude to her. CouRageJD penned in the caption, “Maddie, Your beauty, work ethic, and infectious laugh are second to none. You’ve pushed me out of my comfort zone countless times and made me a better man because of it. Together, we’re unstoppable.”

He then added, “Happy one-year anniversary, @MaddieM. I love you.” The caption said a lot of things about how they matched each other perfectly.

CouRageJD dedicated his anniversary post to his beloved girlfriend, Maddie McCarthy [Photo: Twitter]

The duo had been open about their relationship and constantly updated netizens about their casual moments and travel memories. Maddie also didn’t back down from showing her affection to her former partner. Furthermore, she also joked about him.

In August 2021, she shared their picture and wrote, “My king,” mentioning his name.

Later in October 2022, she tweeted, “I’m gonna be on a safari in Africa Have fun with your little game babe.” This was their last post mentioning one another.

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CouRageJD’s Ex-girlfriend Is Famous on Social Media

CouRageJD’s ex-girlfriend Maddie McCarthy has amassed a considerable fan following on social media. She garnered public attention when she got into a relationship with CouRageJD.

As of writing, 38K netizens follow her Instagram profile, whereas 17.6K people follow her Twitter account. On her social media accounts, she mostly posts about her lifestyle and fashion content.

In addition, she also ay times shares her adventure pictures on her Twitter profile. She and her ex-boyfriend CouRageJD often went on outings.

Unfortunately, she has not revealed much about her.

Exploring CouRageJD Journey In Esports Gaming

The social media influencer was born on April 23, 1994, in New Jersey, United States. He has amassed millions of fans through his gaming content. Initially, he discovered competitive gaming ‘Halo 3’, which truly changed his life in 2007.

This was the first game he fell in love with, and learned about the glory of competitive gaming, attending his first MLG event in Meadowlands in 2009.

In 2014, he stepped into turning his hobby into a potential career when he was invited to be a summer intern at Major League Gaming. He debuted in the entertainment industry by standing in for a sick Chris Puckett on MLG’s daily Esports Report.

CouRageJD and his girlfriend Maddie McCarthy [Photo: Twitter]

There, his performance impressed everyone, and he was asked to co-host the program for the following six weeks before going to Towson University in Maryland to pursue a degree in electronic media and film.

CouRageJD made such an impression on the audience and the other MLG staff members that he was invited to join the broadcast talent team at MLG Columbus, the opening event of the Call of Duty.

Following his official departure from MLG and esports commentary on March 2, 2018, CouRage revealed on March 12 that he would be joining OpTic Gaming as a full-time broadcaster.

In 2019, he joined in in a truly next-level esports content matchup. Over the years, he garnered millions of fans. He also found his love in 2019, but they have parted ways now.