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Heath Hussar’s Body Transformation after Four Months of Weight Loss

Dinesh Shrestha


Heath Hussar accomplished an impressive four-month weight loss challenge. He always wanted to lose weight because of insecurity about his own body.

But every time he lost some weight, he put it back instantly due to his inconsistent control over the food and drink. He later got back in shape with disciplined exercise in 2019. Albeit, he did put on some weight over the pandemic.

Lost 44 Lbs in Four Months

Xeela Fitness documented Heath’s four-month weight loss challenge. It was very hard for Heath initially when he had to do frequent exercise and walk miles.

But his dedication and determination outweighed the challenging circumstances, and he moved on to his destination, surpassing every difficulty.

He weighed 194.6 lbs at first while he was going to challenge himself in 2022. More than one-third of his body included fat.

Heath first saw an amazing body transformation of a client that was under the fitness trainer Ilya’s care. He then called her, saying, “I want to do it.”

Ilya had seen the determination in his eyes, and they started the challenge. In the process, he ran miles and had severe exercise. Initially, his body was tired, but his mind wasn’t.

Therefore, he continued to exercise, hit the gym, and do other stuff, including playing golf for entertainment. At the end of the challenge, he did a Dexa Scan, which reported that he lost 44 lbs in four months.

Dexa Scan or dual X-ray absorptiometry scan measures the density of bones by passing a low and high-energy X-ray beam through the body, usually in the spine and the hip.

Heath weighed 150.4 lbs at last, where his body included only 15.6% fat. His excitement could clearly be seen after losing weight.

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Had Lost 20 Pounds in 2019

It wasn’t the first time that Heath had undertaken a challenging task.

The social media influencer lost significant weight in 2019 after his two weeks challenge. He had uploaded a video describing his workouts and how he lost 20 pounds, from 205 pounds to 185 pounds.

In two weeks, he completely cut off the drinks and other bakery items. Heath didn’t have a workout routine, but he tried to go five days a week for a workout.

Heath Hussar lost 20 pounds in just two weeks in 2019 [Photo: Youtube/Heath Hussar]

At that time, he said that he, Zane, and Matt had planned to go out on a cruise for a couple of days. He was really nervous because the social media influencer had gained 15 pounds the last time he went on the cruise.

Heath had lost weight multiple times, but he couldn’t maintain it over the years. He shed some pounds in 2019 but immediately gained it when the world was hit by the pandemic.

While losing weight, his girlfriend Mariah Amato also helped him. Mariah is a professional dancer and acrobatics instructor. She has been together with him through his weight loss journey, supporting every phase of his life.

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Who Is Heath Hussar?

The social media influencer was born on April 5, 1993, in Plantation, FL, United States. He grew up with his older brother. Before becoming famous, he worked at Pac Sun and Brookstone.

Then he gained a lot of followers on Vine, creating six-second videos alongside his partner Zane on the collaborative channel ‘Zane and Heath.’ The duo gained over a million followers on their Vine account. The two also launched their own coffee brand called Kramoda in 2020.

Heath Hussar and his girlfriend Mariah Amato [Photo: Instagram]

Now, he is popular for his vlogs and challenge videos. Heath graduated from South Plantation High School and then attended Broward College.

Currently, he has been dating dancer Mariah Amato.