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Ben Mallah Has a Son with His Second Wife

Himal Ale Magar


Throughout the years, Ben Mallah has frequently posted pictures and videos of his family, including his wife and sons. In one such instance, his followers were left curious if he had a daughter as well from his previous marriage.

The business tycoon is one of the influential figures in the real estate industry who frequently shares tips and his insight on his official social media accounts.

Ben Has a Wife Who Is Younger than Him

Ben and his current wife, Karla Mallah, have been married for 19 years. The couple has an age of two, 20 years. When the two first met, Ben was 34 years old, and Karla was just 14 at the time.

They eventually got married when Karla turned 18 years old. According to the information provided by Ben and Karla on their Instagram accounts, the two shared their wedding vows in January 2019.

Furthermore, the couple is blessed with a son who is named Aaron Mallah. However, the information regarding his date and place of birth has not been revealed by the couple.

Regardless, Ben’s wife has posted pictures of their son during his childhood on her Facebook account. Similarly, the businessman himself has posted several videos where he has collaborated with his son on his official YouTube account.

On one such occasion, Ben surprised his son with a new car. In the video, Aaron mentioned how he wanted a Hell Cat but was not able to get one. Nonetheless, he stated that he got a 2023 Dodge Charger Wide Body Scat Pack.

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Ben Has Two Sons From His Ex-Wife

Apart from his son Aaron with his current wife Karla, Ben has two other sons named Ben Mallah Jr. and Vinson Mallah from his first wife.

However, the ex-couple’s marriage did not last, as they divorced in 1999. Besides, the identity of his previous partner has not been revealed as of this writing.

Ben Mallah And His Three Sons [Photo: Twitter]

Nonetheless, the divorce did not stop Ben from bonding with his two sons. The real estate entrepreneur has shared several videos over the years with all of his children.

Ben Jr. is the eldest son who helped him in his business and has appeared in several of Ben’s videos. Similarly, his second son Vinson worked at his hotel called Johns Pass Hotel.

The four of them have shared several beautiful memories over the years. For instance, the four sat down on Father’s Day and answered questions that were sent by their followers.

Does Ben Mallah Have a Daughter?

Ben celebrated Christmas in 2022 in Paris, France. The businessman uploaded a picture that featured his wife, son, and a young girl. This led his followers to speculate that the girl in the picture was his daughter.

While some questioned her identity, one user noted that it might be his niece instead. However, Ben cleared out the identity of the girl months before the speculation started to brew.

Ben Mallah With His Family [Photo: Instagram]

The entrepreneur shared a picture on his Twitter where the same girl was featured, which he referred to as his niece.

Similarly, the businessman uploaded a family picture on his Instagram in February 2023. The photo featured Ben, his three sons, his wife, and a mysterious girl.

This led his fans to question the identity of the woman as one Instagram user wrote, “Who’s the woman next to your wife?”.

Further, another user responded by commenting, “I think that’s her sister.” Despite the speculations, Ben and his wife did not make any comments.

All in all, the real estate mogul is not just succeeding in his professional life but his personal life as well.