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Wengie Talked about Breaking Up, She Has a New Boyfriend Now

Himal Ale Magar


Wengie was in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Max. The Chinese-Australian Vlogger featured her former partner in several of her videos, sharing their journeys and adventures.

The couple was loved and adored by their fans, who supported them all those years. Sadly, dire news of Wengie and her beau shocked her viewers last year.

Wengie Announced Her Break up with Ex-boyfriend

In a video posted in February 2022, Wengie revealed to her fans that she was no longer together with her boyfriend and fiance, Max. The YouTuber did not post any videos at the time because she needed time and space to process what she was going through.

Wengie and Max knew each other for a long time, but they decided to go their separate ways. A lot of experience had changed her into a different person. So, she and Max decided to separate amicably.

Wengie And Max [Photo: YouTube]

Further, the former couple started a new company together and are partners and co-founders, respectively. Moreover, after the breakup, she moved into a new apartment in LA and learned to be independent.

At the end of the video, Wengie mentioned she preferred to keep the reason behind their breakup private. She believed everyone deserved privacy, and it was healthy and also did not want the Internet to scrutinize her relationship.

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Wengie Later Revealed the Break-up Reason

After revealing the end of her relationship in the aforementioned video, Wengie took to YouTube again to give updates about her life to her fans. In the video, she shared what was going on with her life and addressed topics like her age and relationship.

Moreover, she went on to talk about her relationship with Max when some of her fans questioned the reason behind their split. Regarding the subject, Wengie stated that there was not one particular reason that led to their breakup.

Wengie [Photo: YouTube]

She went on to explain that it was difficult to work and be together as a couple for a longer period of time. Further, Wengie’s work-life balance was one of the reasons that led to a lot of issues in their relationship.

Besides, she also noted that after spending a lot of time with someone, one might get into a habit that is not healthy for the other. Wengie added that it was hard maintaining a healthy relationship, which led to several symptoms. Eventually, it caused one of the parties to realize the relationship was not working.

The YouTuber stated this was the reason behind their breakup but believed she and her former boyfriend both were in a better place.

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Is She Dating Anyone Currently?

During the Q&A session with her fans, Wengie revealed that she had someone in the picture, which she was not ready to share at that moment. She further expressed that she was not going to reveal the identity of the person any time soon.

Besides, Wengie did not make any comments regarding Max and her getting back together. So, it seems like the former couple have decided to remain business partners and nothing else.

Moreover, when she was asked about her crush and dating life, Wengie revealed that she has a boyfriend and was not much of a dater respectively. The singer always got into relationships organically, like through her friends and people she knew personally.

Wenjie further stated that she had never met anyone through a dating app. She used to talk to other people on dating apps, but her shy personality refrained her.

All in all, Wengie has updated her fans that she has started dating someone. However, she decided to keep her relationship private. Besides, she shared with fans that some of her song lyrics might have hints regarding her new boyfriend.