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Kylan Darnell’s Parents Were Excited to See Her on the Newspaper

Himal Ale Magar


Kylan Darnell’s parents have been a pillar of support for the internet personality since an early age. Her father and mother have been working behind the scenes to motivate the model in her endeavors.

She went viral during the University of Alabama’s 2022 sorority recruitment. At the time, Kylan won the Fan Favorite title in the Miss Teen USA pageant.

Father’s Excitement Seeing Her on the Newspaper

Kylan’s parents, Aaron and Tonya Darnell, inspired the model to chase her dreams. Further, many people believed and told the influencer’s dad that she was destined to reach stardom.

However, her old man did not believe that she could be a household name someday. But, to his surprise, Kylan appeared in the USA Today newspaper with other celebrities.

Aaron could not hold his excitement and shared the news with his friends and family on social media.

Kylan Darnell’s Sucess Surprised Her Father. [Photo: Facebook]

Besides, after Kylan’s popularity, several of her fans and followers wondered what her dad might do for a living.

Regarding the subject, a user suggested that her family owned a farm. Whereas another netizen noted that her father is an owner of a pool company.

Well, according to the information provided on his Facebook, the gorgeous lady’s dad has been actively engaged in Pine Creek repairs and AAA pools.

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Has a Supportive Mother

Growing up in rural Ohio, the social media personality had full support from her parents, especially her mother. As a homemaker, Tonya fulfilled her responsibility in nurturing her kids to be who they are today.

Similar to her dad, throughout the years, the model’s mom has also expressed her support. For instance, Tonya shared that she was happy with her hard work and dedication to achieving her dreams.

Kylan’s Mother Showing Support For Her Achievements. [Photo: Facebook]

Moreover, Tonya has been there for her since an early age, grooming her to be the very best as she guided Kylan to several beauty pageants and events.

Kylan even competed in NAM; the social media personality shared her event experience in June 2013.

Tonya’s baby girl became a viral sensation after partaking in Bama Rush, which focused on recruiting sororities at the University of Alabama.

Apart from encouraging her to take part in beauty events, Kylan’s parents also motivated her to compete in sports.

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Aaron and Tonya Have Got Three More Children Besides Kylan

Kylan was born to her father, Aaron, and mother, Tonya, on October 17, 2000. Her dad and mom have been happily married since February 14, 1998.

Kylan grew up in a loving family with three of her siblings. She has two brothers named Cole Darnell and Cruze Darneell and a beautiful sister named Karis Darnell, AKA Izzy Darnell.

Kylan Darnell With Her Parents And Siblings. [Photo: Tonya Darnell’s Facebook]

Similar to the TikToker, Izzy has been active in sports as a child. She is currently engaged as a cheerleader for Greenup County High School’s Varsity Football team.

Izzy also has a massive fan following on her TikTok with over 23K followers.

Kylan’s older brother, Cole Darnell, is in a relationship with Kaylee Hooper. Over the years, his girlfriend has been frequently featured on his social media.

He previously played football for Wheelsburg Pirates. Cole is also an outdoor person and enjoys fishing and hunting with his dad, Aaron.

Over the years, he also helped his father with his work installing pools and anything pool-related jobs.

All in all, both Aaron and Tonya must be proud of what their little ones are doing and have achieved.