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Break-up Rumors Surrounding Dani Speegle and Her Partner

Himal Ale Magar


Dani Speegle met her partner, Alex Gordon, when she was on a path to rebuild herself through CrossFit. The two worked out and motivated each other toward their goals and dreams.

Her beau’s support led the American fitness influencer to progress smoothly and have a prolific career in the fitness industry. However, it has been quite some time since they last appeared together.

Speegle’s Relationship With Her Partner

Dani Speegle and Alex Gordon are gym freaks who love working together. The two also enjoyed one another’s company outside the gym.

They have spent many quality moments. From going on holidays together, paddling, and exploring zoos, they have done it all.

Plus, the duo did not hesitate to share their love and joy with their fans and followers.

Speegle And Gordon Used To Spend Quality Time Together. [Photo: Gordon’s Instagram]

Further, the athlete often expressed her appreciation toward Gordon.

On one occasion, she mentioned, “You’ve supported me in every way possible to make my dream a reality. You’ve turned me into a completely different athlete than I was a year ago.”

Speegle further thanked him for improving her and making her dream come true.

However, the current relationship between them remains unknown as they have not featured each other lately.

Neither of them has made any appearances on their social media accounts since 2020, apart from leaving some comments under their post. So, fans have become curious if they are still together.

But they have not commented on the subject as of this writing.

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Coach Turned Partner

The dynamics and chemistry of having a romantic partner as a coach in sports could be complicated. But it did not sway the relationship between Speegle and Gordon.

Regarding the athlete’s love life with her coach, she said, “Obviously, dancing around the boyfriend-coach dynamic can be difficult at times, like mixing business with pleasure, but we’ve gotten into a good groove.”

The couple’s relationship began around 2017. The two met for the first time when they were on the same regional team in the same year.

The Couple Trained Together A Lot. [Photo: Speegle’s Facebook]

Eventually, the two started working out and training together for the 2018 regionals. However, after the regionals, Speegle finished three spots away from qualifying.

As a result, the influencer realized she needed a coach to help her learn and evolve, and Gordon was just the right man for the task.

Their connection outside of the gym helped them have a genuine connection as an athlete and coach. Speegle admitted Gordon knew her weaknesses and strengths.

She further noted, “He wants me to be successful in this sport, and he wants to be the coach who gets me there.”

Despite her long-term relationship with Gordon, there were no hints of their engagement or marriage.

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Her Best Friend Is Engaged

Speegle first met Alec Smith back in 2019, and they have supported each other ever since.

Eventually, the two would become best friends. She has described him as a beautiful soul, a loyal friend, and a fierce competitor.

Speegle Has A Special Bond With Her Best Friend [Photo: Speegle’s Instagram]

Over the years, they have been there for each other, sharing happiness and joy as time passed.

For instance, Alec and Speegle have celebrated their birthdays together and wished each other further success and prosperity.

Their support for one another has been a testament to their bond as their friendship grew stronger each year.

Not many may know this, but Alec is gay. He got engaged to his boyfriend, Riley Joe, who is also a fitness freak.

Alec shared the joyful moments on his Instagram, where he could be seen kneeling and proposing to his then-boyfriend Riley.

All in all, hopefully, Speegle will, too, come in front and clear the rumors surrounding her relationship with Gordon.