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Ellie Thumann Soft Launched Her Boyfriend

Himal Ale Magar


Ellie Thuman, who fans thought was enjoying singlehood, has started her lover-girl era. The model has revealed that she has a boyfriend now, but his identity remains a mystery.

The mystery man has appeared in several of Ellie’s posts in the past few months. This has led fans to be curious about who her newfound love might be.

Speculations Regarding Her Boyfriend

Ellie subtly revealed her relationship status but has managed to keep her beau’s identity a secret. Therefore, her followers were curious to know who he was. Some netizens took to Reddit, where they even suggested that they knew who he might be.

A Reddit user noted that they saw Ellie Thumann and her supposed beau holding hands in downtown Charleston. Furthermore, a picture started circulating on Reddit, which fans believed could be the model’s partner.

A netizen noted that the guy in the middle of the photograph was her lover. According to the post, the picture was uploaded by Ellie’s beau on his Instagram.

Ellie Thumman’s Boyfriend [Photo: Reddit]

Moreover, regarding the identity of her partner, some even suggested his name was Blake Blanzy, and his Instagram was private.

Besides, it did not stop Ellie’s fans from digging in more profound, as some penned that Blake was an athlete and his ex-girlfriend was also a model.

One netizen also shared that they knew Ellie flew to Pittsburgh for a date with Mason Rudolph.

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Fell in Love with Her Best Friend?

Despite the rumors surrounding the swimsuit model’s love life, Ellie has not made any comment regarding the identity of her partner.

However, she is not hesitant to reveal her partner and refers to him as her best friend. As of this writing, the social media influencer has been featuring him in her social media for the past few months.

This has made her fans and friends static as they were left curious about her personal life. When Ellie wished her best friend a happy birthday, some users believed it was a soft launch of her lover.

She Loves Spending Time With Her Boyfriend [Photo: Instagram]

Further, regardless of the private nature of their relationship, the couple has been spotted together on numerous occasions. As shown on her social media, Ellie loves to spend time with her lover.

For example, the two spent the Fourth of July weekend golfing, visiting new places, and enjoying the beach.

Besides, the two seem to be in a long-distance relationship, and on one occasion, her partner gave her a surprise visit on one of the biggest days of her life.

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Was Previously Linked to Marion Selman

Before the internet personality was in a relationship with her newfound love, she was rumored to have dated Marion Selman.

The rumors began when the musician tweeted a picture with the model in March 2019. As a result, their fans started to speculate that the two celebrities were dating each other.

According to the post, Marion noted that he and Ellie, whom he called bae, were happy together. The tweet got a massive response from their fans.

The Model Was Rumored To Have Dated Marion [Photo: Twitter]

Some believed they were dating, whereas others wanted them to be in a relationship. In the midst of it, Aria, the previous supposed love interest of the guitarist, responded as well.

The social media personality stated, “Can’t believe you would do this to me.” Regarding their relationship, Marion had shared Ari was dating him, but it is not sure if it was some kind of joke or a serious thing.

On the other hand, Ellie was also rumored to be dating Grayson Dolan. However, the speculations were put to rest as several fans noted that the girl in the picture with him was a fan, not the swimsuit model.