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Baylen Levine Got Back With His Former Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar


In recent years, Baylen Levine has experienced an on-off relationship with his girlfriend Bunny. After splitting with her, the YouTuber was rumored to have found love in Sadie Crowell.

Unfortunately, despite the fan’s anticipation, his relationship with Sadie did not last long.

He is In A Relationship With His Girlfriend Bunny

The social media personality is back in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Sara Bailey, also known as Bunny. Fans were excited about the news, and some shared their opinions on Reddit.

According to one user, Baylen and Bunny initially featured each other in their Instagram accounts. As per them, Baylen even said he loved her.

Fans Were Excited To See Baylen and Bunny Together Again. [Photo: Reddit]

In addition, another fan noted that it made their life so much better. They further added the couple getting back together was the best thing that had happened to them.

Besides, apart from Reddit, fans also took to TikTok to speculate about their relationship.

In one of the videos, fans had mixed reactions to the news, as some of them indicated they were rooting for Baylen and Sadie instead.


i hope she treats him right.(she better not be in the videos) #baylen #leveine #baylenlevine #gf

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As the news spread, some netizens even thought the girl in the TikTok video post was Sadie. But, the confusion was cleared as others mentioned it was Baylen’s high school sweetheart Bunny.

It turned out that despite his link with Sadie, he still had an excellent bond with his then-former girlfriend, Bunny.

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They Were Highschool Sweethearts

The couple had known each other since high school. At the time, they tried dating, but his girlfriend’s studies got in the way.

A TikTok User Stated The Couple Was High School Sweethearts. [Photo: TikTok]

Well, Bunny is a UGA Alum; she graduated in March 2023. During her school days, the YouTuber’s girlfriend was actively engaged in sports.

He has described her as a D1 athlete and a fantastic track runner. After getting back together, Bunny has made several appearances in the internet personality’s videos.

They have spent much time together; the couple also enjoys going shopping and engaging in sports activities together.

Moreover, they also love to hang out with their friends, making new content for Baylen.

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Baylen And Sadie Are Just Good Friends

After splitting with Bunny, the YouTuber probably focused on himself and, at some point, came across Sadie. The two then formed a deep bond, which led his fans and followers to ship them often.

Further, they were convinced that the two might be dating after seeing one of Baylen’s videos. The video titled “He Tried to Get Me Arrested!” shows two having a fun day with their friends.

While the video featured numerous entertaining moments, one moment revealed a shocking detail many fans did not know about.

At the time, one of Baylen’s friends gave Sadie a snack to eat. But he did not encourage her to do so and said, “Come on, Sadie don’t eat it; that’s gross.”

However, she would lick the snack, making the internet personality gag. He added, “That’s it, I am never kissing you again.”

As fans saw the video, they started speculating if the two were dating. One fan wrote, “Never kissing you again.’ YESSSSSSSS, LET’S GOOOOO. You and Sadie are so cute.”

Another penned, “I legit paused it at the scene and went to the comments to see if anyone else heard it too.”

However, despite their anticipation, Baylen and Sadie were not dating each other. The two were just friends and nothing more.

Baylen was the first person Sadie had met on YouTube, and they filmed together. Eventually, they would form a deep friendship.

In her words, the two were more than friends but completely different individuals. And when asked “if they tried dating, it did not work out?” she said yes. So they decided to continue their friendship.

Well, now that Baylen and his former girlfriend are back, hopefully there is no trouble in the paradise.