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The Power of Love: Garand Thumb & His Current Wife’s Story

Suyasha Rupakheti


Garand Thumb, whose real name is Mike Jones, has been happily married to his wife, Ashley Jones. The couple’s love and admiration for one another are evident from their posts with heart-warming captions for one another on social media.

In the course of their marital life, they have been through ups and downs together. With that being said, did you know in 2023, the duo started their new lives by moving back to Boise, Idaho?

Garand and His Wife Moved Back to Her Hometown

In February 2023, Garand’s spouse took to Instagram to pen down her thoughts on her 31st birthday.

She began her caption with, “CHEERS TO 31. My 30th year was a whirlwind. I went through many new challenges and I’ve learned so much this last year. I’ve pushed myself to new heights and pushed past limits that seemed impossible to achieve before.”

Garand Thumb and his wife moved back to her hometown. [Photo: Instagram]

Then, Mrs. Jones continued saying they moved states and went back home to Idaho. She grew up in Boise, Idaho, and after getting married, the couple had been living in Washington.

Ashley revealed in the caption that she felt at home and had more peace. With that move, she was happy to be constantly reminded of where she had been in the past. She was also grateful for the way her life had unfolded.

Moreover, having her biggest support system and best friends around her again had been such a relief, and she was thankful for them.

Being married to Mike was like a blessing, and she felt their marital life was one solid foundation.

Furthermore, Garand and his spouse had achieved most of their goals as a family that they made when they first met. She quipped, “But most importantly, I became a mother of two. That’s been interesting, but I feel like I was made for it!”

Mrs. Jones was excited about her life in Idaho and believed that raising their babies would be so much fun in the place where she grew up.

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Mr. and Mrs. Jones First Met on Tinder

Ashley and Garand have come a long way in their marital journey. The couple met on Tinder and had their first date on November 3, 2018. Furthermore, he was her only Tinder date.

Garand Thumb and Ashley Jones Met on Tinder. [Photo: Instagram]

After some weeks, the couple started dating. Initially, they kept things lowkey on social media. Ashley first introduced her beau on her Instagram in February 2019.

She captioned that spending time with him was her greatest adventure and even used ‘#bestfriendgoals.’

After that, the couple constantly appeared on one another’s social media pages. In November 2019, the lovebirds celebrated one year since their first date by revisiting Lake Colchuck.

Then, in April 2019, the duo got engaged. Garand got down on one knee in Ko Olina and proposed to her with a spectacular ring. She announced the news of their engagement on her Instagram.

Garland Thumb proposed to his belle. [Photo: Instagram]

In another post, Garand’s wife revealed that in one past relationship, the guy made her believe she didn’t deserve a ring, but after meeting Mike, everything changed.

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The Couple Opted Out a Huge Wedding Ceremony

In February 2020, Garand and his spouse revealed they were husband and wife. Taking to her Instagram, Ashley divulged that they had eloped a while back, and it was the most amazing day for both of them.

She continued, “For those of you expecting a wedding invite, we are holding the reception on the May 2nd, 2020 and invites are in the mail!”

Garand and Ashley revealed about their wedding after some time. [Photo: Instagram]

The couple thanked everyone who supported them early on in their relationship. Furthermore, she also thanked God that they found each other.

Likewise, in another post she dedicated to her husband on their third year of dating, she revealed that they had tied the knot, as three of their close friends witnessed.

Nevertheless, the couple has been enjoying their marital life full of love and laughter.

Are Proud Parents of Two

In less than half a decade of being together, the lovebirds have welcomed two children together. In February 2020, while announcing their wedding, Ashley also revealed that Baby Jones was due in July 2020.

Likewise, in May of that year, Garand Thumb’s wife revealed that they were expecting a baby boy.

Finally, on August 6, 2020, the lovebirds became parents for the first time with the arrival of their son, Sunny Ryon Jones. They revealed the good news on Instagram.

Then, in December 2021, Ashley shared a photo of Sunny on Christmas. He appeared to be holding ultrasound pictures, and she wrote in the caption, “This holiday season we are certainly blessed! In May of 2022, Sunny will be a B I G B R O T H E R. Merry Christmas everyone. We hope you have a joyful and safe holiday.”

In the 2021 Christmas, the couple announced their second pregnancy. [Photo: Instagram]

Finally, on May 13, 2022, the family of three upgraded to four with the arrival of their youngest member, Beck Robert Jones. All in all, they all seem to be having wonderful times together.

Garand’s Cheating Allegations

While his current marital life appears to be like an open book, he previously kept his love life private. However, according to some discussion forums, he was married to a woman named Cindy Joy Jones.

They made YouTube videos together and were often seen together. However, he has been accused of cheating on her. He went to the SHOT show and allegedly cheated on her, which resulted in their marriage ending in a divorce.

Garand Thumb was accused of cheating on his first wife and abandoning their kids. [Photo: AR15.com]

Furthermore, the allegations just don’t stop there. People have accused him of abandoning two kids that he had with her.

However, it is not known if those allegations were true as the internet personality has remained mum regarding the topic.