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Gabe Kennedy and Willa Fitzgerald

Gabe Kennedy and Willa Fitzgerald’s Partner Puzzle: Are They Still Together?

Bimal Waiba

Find out how it all began for Gabe Kennedy and his partner Willa Fitzgerald. Learn if the couple is still together or has broken up.


Jo Cooke Weight Loss: Concerns Rise for Her Health

Deepi Karna

Fans have noticed a drastic weight loss of Jo Cooke. She also informed about being hospitalized for a long time. Know what's going on.


Is Will Neff’s Engagement With His Girlfriend Real?

Himal Ale Magar

Will Neff's girlfriend announced that they were engaged. But he revealed they were not. Find out what's going on. Also, know about her.


Marc Lamont Hill Got Married to Wife Melissa M. Valle

Dinesh Shrestha

Marc Lamont Hill and his wife Melissa M. Valle finally got married. They had welcomed a child a year ago. Know more about her.


Michelle Choi Calls Her Boyfriend “Blurry Salsa Man”

Prasiddha Gautam

Michelle Choi is enjoying her adventurous relationship with her boyfriend for whom she has a unique name. Find more about him.


Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke’s Wedding Was Postponed for a Year

Dinesh Shrestha

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke's wedding was postponed due to COVID. Did you know he once cheated on her? Take a look at their love story.


Ebraheem Al Samadi’s Wife Is A Private Person

Himal Ale Magar

Ebraheem Al Samadi got married but doesn't share photos of his wife. Find out why. Also, know what made him believe she was the one.


Michael Malice Dispels the Rumor Regarding Him Being a Gay

Dinesh Shrestha

American writer Michael Malice cleared out his gay rumor through one of his tweets. Did you know he has a girlfriend? Know about her.


Jamila Norman and Her Ex-husband Had Bought a Craftsman House

Dinesh Shrestha

Did you know Jamila Norman was previously married? Learn some details about her husband. Also, find out how many children she has mothered.


Jennifer Todryk’s Hair Has Fans Asking: Is It Real?

Dinesh Shrestha

Jennifer Todryk's red hair is her trademark that sets her apart from other Instagram moms. Find out if it is real and know some of her hacks.