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Is Will Neff’s Engagement With His Girlfriend Real?

Himal Ale Magar


Will Neff’s girlfriend, during one of her streams, talked about him proposing to her. The details she provided made it seem like the couple was taking the next step in their relationship.

Many even believed that they were tying the knot soon. However, Will later clarified that that was not the case. So, were they really engaged?

Are Will and His Girlfriend Really Engaged?

The video was shared on online forums like Reddit, and it gained mixed reactions from the netizens. Some users noted it was romantic, whereas others commented Neff’s partner Caroline was funny.

Some even humorously stated that they were not watching Will anymore and denoted sending a goodbye mail to him.

Will Neff And His Girlfriend Are Not Engaged [Photo: Instagram]

However, the YouTuber responded to the engagement video and cleared the brewing speculations and rumors. He stated that he was not engaged to his long-term lover, Caroline.

He added that the video was a joke and said some people did not understand sarcasm. Further, he humorously noted he decided to upgrade his life and referred to his partner as Olivia Munn, the former G4 host.

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Will Neff’s Girlfriend Is His Bestfriend

The two have been together for more than five years. Neff and Caroline started dating in November 2017. In November 2020, Caroline wished Neff a happy third anniversary.

She expressed affection towards her partner and thanked him for making her laugh endlessly. Over the years, the two have been inseparable and have been together in a lot of places.

For instance, the TV personality and the streamer went to St. Louis to attend a wedding. At the time, they also visited the zoo and had a great time together.

Further, The YouTuber does not hesitate to show off his love for his lover. In a picture posted on Instagram, Neff humorously noted that the two constantly have discussions to prove who their dog loves more.

Moreover, he wished his belle a happy birthday in September 2022 and referred to Caroline as his new favorite streamer and an absolute queen.

Neff and His Lover’s Strange Encounter with Nat Wolff

The YouTuber explained that he and his partner were at the gym, had taken both of their cars with them, and left both parking spots empty.

When his lover returned, she realized that someone had parked their car in both parking spots.

As the car’s owner was nowhere to be seen for the next two to three hours, Neff contacted the towing company and the building authorities, but to no avail.

The YouTube With His Girlfriend [Photo: Instagram]

So, he decided to park the car’s owner and cover the vehicle with Post-Its. However, halfway through the process, Nat Wolff, the car’s owner, showed up.

It was a weird turn event, and the two started to remove the Post-Its from his car. Eventually, the actor got in the car, rolled down the window, and invited the couple to his Hanukkah party later.

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His Partner Is a Screenwriter

Neff’s lover, Caroline Kwan, currently works as a screenwriter as of this writing. She started her career as an Associate Producer in August 2013 at Shakespeare Festival in St. Louis.

The streamer later worked as a Political Fundraising Consultant in May 2014 at New Chicago Consulting LLC. She had worked there for ten months.

His Girlfriend Is An Actress [Photo; Instagram]

Eventually, she would get into acting, working as a professional actress in June 2014. She is known for Chicago P.D., Peak Season, God Incorporated, and The End of Us.

Her other experiences include being Financial Director at Caroline Kwan Consulting and Marketing at Scream Entertainment, LLC.

Also, she was active as an International Production Trainee from May 2019 to July 2020 at Sony Pictures Entertainment. The actress attended Université de Poitiers and graduated from Saint Louis University with a degree in bachelors of Arts in 2014.