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Michael Malice Dispels the Rumor Regarding Him Being a Gay

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American Writer Michael Malice is mostly known for his thought-provoking podcast YOUR WELCOME. Other than that, he has also published multiple books, including The Anarchist Handbook, Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography, and more.

Michael is always active on social media, and his posts often spark discussion threads among his followers. One of his eye-catching tweets on his social media account addressed his sexuality and dispelled rumors that he was gay.

Michael Shut Down Gay Rumor

Malice finally responded to his gay rumor and cleared it out through his tweet in November 2020. Taking it to Twitter, he stated, “I’m not gay, but I don’t think you’re ugly like the Young Turks girl says you are, Tim.”

Eventually, it shut down the mouths of people who questioned his sexuality. But it is still unpredictable how the rumor spreads on the internet. Nevertheless, he often addresses his thoughts regarding sexuality on his socials and podcasts.

Michael Malice shut down the gay rumors through his tweet [Photo: Instagram]

The podcast host shared his opinion in support of the LGBTQIA+ community in a now-deleted tweet, “Claiming sexual preference is offensive invalidates pansexual or bisexual people, who are attracted to multiple genders but still have preferences between those attractions.”

Although his sexuality is pretty clear now, he hasn’t gotten married yet, and nothing about his previous relationship has ever come to light. Nonetheless, Jessica Vaugn stated that she was in a relationship with Michael in 2021.

The two also can be seen frequently replying to each other Tweets.

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Michael Has Dated Jessica Vaugn

The American writer has been in a relationship with Jessica Vaugn. In an Interview with Chrissie Mayr in 2021, she confirmed that she had dated the author.

Jessica met him as a guest on Tim Pool. Then she saw him on the Joe Rogan podcast and started to engage on Twitter posts.

One day, he messaged her that she wouldn’t come out on Bridget’s show. Later, the pair started dating. In the conversation, she also appreciated his attitude and honesty.

The two are having a good time together. Michael and Jessica mostly replied to each other’s tweets. However, Jessica never fails to wish on his Birthday. In July 2022, she tweeted, “Happy birthday to my favorite provocateur, who always knows what to say.”

Jessica Vaugn wished Michael Malice a Happy Birthday [Photo: Twitter]

When he replied to one of their tweets about Jessica, he posted a GIF: “When we’re together, you’re all I think about.”

She constantly tweets about him, and in January 2023, she shared about his book The White Pill, saying, “Well well… If it isn’t a dose of hope! @michaelmalice.”

Unlike Jessica, Michael has never officially revealed her relationship with her. He has followed her on Instagram, but she doesn’t follow him.

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Who is Jessica Vaugn?

Jessica Vaugn is a Bitcoin Enthusiast, podcaster, former Playboy Playmate turned Photographer, and social media influencer. She has gathered a huge fan following on her social media handles.

On her social media handle, she usually posts about her lifestyle and fashion pictures. On Twitter, she shares her thoughts about relationships, life advice, and other things.

Jessica Vaugn is a social media influencer [Photo: Instagram]

The social media influencer grew up in Kansas and currently resides in Los Angeles, as per her website. Her long-term relationship was five years. Her favorite book is The Alchemist.