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Gabe Kennedy and Willa Fitzgerald’s Partner Puzzle: Are They Still Together?

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Gabe Kennedy and Willa Fitzgerald

Gabe Kennedy did share a lovely relationship with his partner, Willa Fitzgerald. The world came to know of their love life when both started appearing in each other social feeds.

Netizens have stayed intrigued, and there have been questions about whether he has broken up with Willa. Well, one thing is sure: Gabe doesn’t have a wife and is yet to marry.

When Did Gabe and Willa Start Dating?

Gabe Kennedy was in a romantic relationship with Willa Fitzgerald, confirmed by Capital FM. Their relationship story started probably after when both starred in the same advertisements regarding plastic awareness in 2017.

The public believed Gabe and Willa were dating when both started uploading each other’s pictures on their social handles by May of the same year.

Also, Willa showed more openness than him, sharing their lovely moments on her social media pages.

The actress penned how she initiated her first conversation with Gabe on one Instagram post. She wrote,” So glad I asked what your favorite vegetable was all those months ago.” Their dating even got more transparent when both debuted on the red carpet of Amo Ferragamo.

Gabe Kennedy with his partner Willa Fitzgerald
Willa Fitzgerald on her partner Gabe Kennedy’s birthday. [Photo: Instagram]

The Billions actress even updated her fans on their two years of togetherness. She shared Gabe’s picture with a beautiful caption, expressing,” 2 years with this beautiful human @gabe_kennedy.”

The chef also shared a close bond with Willa’s dog Birdie and used to visit her place to cuddle with furry friends. They didn’t lose each other’s sight from spending weekends and traveling to different places and then sharing it on their social pages.

“Good food does not only fill the stomach, it fills the heart too” was satisfied in Willa’s case as Gabe must have served her delicious food. Willa once shared a photo in which Gabe surprised her with a heart-shaped Pizza under her name.

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Are Gabe and Willa Still a Couple in 2023?

Netizens began questioning Gabe and Willa’s relationship by early 2020 when both stopped making social posts. The couple went entirely off, and rumors began to swirl as both hadn’t been seen for a significant period.

As noted earlier, the two, once inseparable, suddenly stopped to post each other’s pictures. It’s unclear whether they wanted to make it private or if there were any other reasons.

The last post of the duo was made on July 14, 2019, on Willa’s social handle. It was captioned “10 mins before the sky opened and dumped tons of rainwater. Birdie’s first beach day!”

Some romantic pair blossoms first, but it’s uncertain when it fades. It’s precisely the case with Gabe and Willa, as both haven’t made any social media updates in the past three years. Yet, they haven’t publicly announced any breakup or split news or if they are dating anyone new.

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Who Is Gabe Kennedy’s Partner, Willa Fitzgerald?

Born on January 17, 1991, Willa Fitzgerald is an American actress who has contributed actively to the showbiz industry since 2007. She is a heartthrob who has won the audience’s attention through her starring role as Emma Duval in MTV’s Scream.

Willa Fitzgerald
Willa Fitzgerald on the red carpet of Film Independent. [Photo: Instagram]

The 5 feet 5 inches Willa stepped into the acting field playing Vivan in For the Love of a Dog in 2007. The breakthrough turn in her acting career came with her acting performance in Royal Pains, characterizing the role of Emma Miller in 2014.

Willa is one of the sought-after actresses with three upcoming acting projects, including Desperation Road. Her notable acting attributes include The Goldfinch and Big Battles of World War II.

Concerning her personal life, Willa is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, United States. The Reacher actress is the only daughter of Judith Dohse and Edward Fitzgerald.