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Michelle Choi Calls Her Boyfriend “Blurry Salsa Man”

Prasiddha Gautam


After breaking up with her former sweetheart, Ivan Hui, Michelle Choi sought therapy right after for much-needed help and guidance during the tough times.

But she has found love again and is smitten with her current beau. However, Choi has kept his identity hidden.

Michelle’s Boyfriend Planned a Surprise Adventure on Her Birthday

The popular vlogger has not revealed the identity of her boyfriend. However, she has a unique name for him, and that is Blurry Salsa Man.

While some fans have dug out who the guy might, Michelle has not shown his face or revealed any other information.

Nevertheless, the internet personality’s beau had planned a series of surprises on her birthday. He didn’t reveal anything but asked her to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.

Her first birthday gift was a date at Birds of a Feather cafe, a Chinese restaurant. Furthermore, the romantic ambiance surrounded the couple when he lovingly asked, ”Are you excited for this next year of your life?” and she jokingly replied, “No.”

Michelle Choi gets emotional after she receives a bag from her boyfriend [Photo- YouTube]

People assumed that Michelle was turning 30 years old, which she revealed was not true. She is currently 29 and mentioned that in her thirties, people are most confident and secure. But, her wholesome lover expressed that she had already reached there.

Furthermore, he asked her to guess what other surprise adventures were.

Her second birthday gift was at Area 53 Adventure Park, where she had her friends waiting for her, which was her third gift. Then, her fourth birthday surprise was Goodie Bags.

After arriving home, Choi received an unexpected item. Her lover gave her a luxurious Dior’s bag. However, they decided to return the bag because they believed the money could go towards many other things.

Choi emphasized she and her partner were planning for long-term goals, and the financial matters should be utilized for the well-being of their future.

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Michelle with Her Boyfriend Went to Visit her Parents

In August 2023, Michelle’s beau took her on a relaxing trip back to her homeland, Korea. Choi’s mother was filled with joy, and they enjoyed their time in the Korean market filled with bustling energy.

After that, Michelle’s mom trimmed her hair as she took her time to slowly relax where she felt most comfortable. She looked adorable on her new haircut.

Michelle gets her hair trimmed [Photo- YouTube]

Furthermore, Michelle’s man and her folks had already met. In September 2022, they flew to California to meet them.

The bustling city of New York had drained mental and physical energy of Michelle, so she wanted to charge by visiting her family.

After reaching California with her beau, Michelle teased her man, saying,” Oh! Someone is nervous.” Then they both got into a cab.

On another day, Choi spent some quality time with her family and reacted to her own video with her mother. Then, she went to the gym with her lover and, after that, enjoyed some yummy hot pots.

During that evening, Michelle relished the dish cooked by her father with her partner and went roller-coasting on the streets of the beach for the needed refreshment.

Overall, she and her partner had a great time together and came back refreshed.

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Michelle’s Mental Health Worsened after the Breakup

Michelle bonded deeply with her previous lover, Ivan Hui. The former couple went through tough times during the quarantine period.

At the time of the pandemic, Choi lovingly trimmed Ivan’s hair, organized the closet together, and took care of her own and her then-lover’s mental health.

Many of her regular viewers asked about her relationship as she did not talk much about it. She addressed their concerns in one of the videos that she uploaded in March 2022.

Taking lightly, she replied that they were no longer in a relationship. They decided it was probably best for them to part ways. She expressed that she had nothing but respect for him.

Michelle needed some time to sync and process after her breakup, which is why she took so long to respond.