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Ebraheem Al Samadi’s Wife Is A Private Person

Himal Ale Magar


Ebraheem Al Samadi kept his relationship status a secret for many years until his wedding. Maybe the founder and CEO of Forever Rose believed the saying, “Private till permanent,” as he announced his marriage to his wife, whose last name is Al Hamli.

Ebraheem was joined by his cast members from Dubai Bling Season 2 at his wedding in Abu Dhabi. The OG bachelor of the show celebrated the auspicious occasion with his friends and family.

Ebraheem’s Wife Identity

Despite the grand scale of the event, pictures of his wife have not been shared by Ebraheem or any of his friends or family members.

After widespread messages and requests from his fans and followers to share full images of his spouse, the internet personality finally responded on Instagram.

Ebraheem Al Samad’s Wife Does Not Reveal Her Face And Identity [Photo: Instagram]

In his statement, Ebraheem expressed that he found it disrespectful because it was his spouse’s right to live a private life. Further, he added that her decision was influenced by the culture of her family, who are native to the Middle East.

The Business tycoon shared the news of his marriage with his belle on Instagram. Further, Braheem shared that the Islamic marriage contract was officially signed in February 2023 before his wedding.

According to his Instagram posts, he got married in March 2023. His close friends and family members attended his marriage. He thanked those who participated in the event and shared their joys with him.

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Met His Wife Through In An Event

As of this writing, Ebraheem attended a fragrance event in 2021. At the time, he was informed by an invitee that their cousin loved his brand, Forever Rose.

Eventually, they connected over the phone and decided to meet at Global Village with her cousin and family.

Ebraheem recalled during his first encounter with his partner, he noticed she was holding a baby and thought it was her baby.

However, he later realized she was the baby’s aunt, and despite the confusion, the two became friends afterward,

Further, before deciding to get married, the couple were friends for two years. During that time, Ebraheem put his other half through numerous tests to be sure she was truly the one for him.

He did so in order to make sure he had chosen the right one. In an interview with Cosmopolitan ME, he revealed that he knew she was the right one when, whenever he was angry about a situation, instead of fueling his anger, she calmed him down.

After spending time with her, the businessman realized the sense of maturity that his life partner had was something he needed to be grounded to be back to reality.

Dubai Bling Cast Dressed Up For His Wedding

The Kuwaiti-American businessman dressed in an elegant traditional kandoora for the fairytale-like wedding dripped with roses.

During his wedding, several of his friends attended the occasion to celebrate with Ebraheem and his spouse. One of the attendees was his excellent friend Danya Mogammed and DJ Bliss.

Ebraheem Friend At His Wedding [Photo: Instagram]

DJ Bliss dressed in a navy blue Kandora, while Danya Mohamed wore a red-long-sleeved Carolina Herrera dress. On the other hand, Lovely LJ attended the event wearing a pink Jad Ghandour Couture long sequin dress.

Further, the Kayali queen and her husband Elamin looked appealing together, especially as Mona was dressed in an attractive sparkling outfit.

Mona Kattan, Lokain Omran, and Farhana Bodi were other notable celebrities during Ebraheem’s wedding.

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Their Blooming Relationship

Like his business, Ebraheem’s relationship with his wife is a blooming bouquet of everlasting roses. The internet personality claimed that they both have their unique romantic gestures.

Ebraheem and his lovely partner are of opposite natures; while Ebraheem is more outgoing, his significant other is rather private and discrete.

Regardless, the internet personality believed in the saying opposites attract, and despite their differences, they have found several similarities.

He believed the foundation of their relationship was strong friendship and the bond they had with each other.

Further, Forever Rose’s CEO surprises her with little things, such as sending her sweet messages and taking his significant other to her favorite concert when she least expects it to happen.

As Ebraheem lives in Dubai and is in Abu Dhabi, the couple takes turns visiting each other on the weekends.

He added, “Before she leaves for Abu Dhabi on Sunday, she always leaves a lovely note on my pillow expressing how much she misses me. It’s incredibly sweet and endearing.”

The couple established a rule that weekends were exclusively meant to spend their time together.