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Marc Lamont Hill Got Married to Wife Melissa M. Valle

Dinesh Shrestha


Academic, author, and TV personality Marc Lamont Hill finally tied the knot with his long-term partner, Melissa M. Valle. The two were together for a long time and eventually decided to take the next step in their relationship.

Marc always kept his personal information from social media, but this time, he openly shared the news with the netizens.

Marc Lamont Hill Shared His Wedding News on Instagram

March took to Instagram in September 2023 and officially revealed his marriage news. He shared a photo of him with his beautiful wife, penning the lovely caption.

He stated, “We trusted love, We took the risk, We ran our own pace, We won OUR race.” Thereafter, netizens flooded with congratulations messages in the comment section.

Moreover, some users even said that they saw him with his wife just one week before the marriage, where he looked blissful. However, it’s still a mystery to people when the lovely pair met for the first time and when they started dating.

Nevertheless, the couple welcomed their first child in 2022. The news was broken out by his wife via Instagram.

Marc Lamont Hill and Melissa M. Valle finally got married [Photo: Instagram]

The two named their son’s name Malcolm Kamau. Marc and Melissa chose two words of the name for their powerful connections and meanings.

The first word, “Malcolm,” pays homage to Malcolm X, and according to Valle, the Kenyan Kikuyu people’s word for “Kamau” is “quiet warrior.”

Melissa revealed the news after they had a child. But she had a different plan for it, which wasn’t possible due to the early arrival of her son.

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Marc’s Wife Had Planned a Different Pregnancy Announcement

Marc and his wife welcomed their first child on April 10, nine weeks before the due date, as per Essence. She had planned to reveal that they were expecting a baby using babymoon pics on the beach.

So, they were going to take it during their trip to LA. As an alternative, she had planned to reveal that they were pregnant with the pics from their maternity shoot scheduled for April 15.

Melissa kept the plan under wraps until she felt she was well into her third trimester. But it couldn’t be possible.

She said, “I was minding my business by myself in Target on Thursday, at 29 weeks, looking at bathing suits for this babymoon, when SPLASH (just like on TV). My water broke—-Preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM).”

Marc Lamont Hill and Melissa M. Valle welcomed their first child in 2022 [Photo: Twitter]

Then, she waited four days to welcome her first child into the world. Now, the couple is married and raising their son.

Regardless, Marc, who has been keeping his personal life private, also has a daughter. In an Interview with Ebony back in 2012, he talked about raising his first child while being a successful businessman.

He stated that he had been fortunate to co-parent her daughter in a healthy and functional way. Moreover, he also shared a picture in November 2021. He penned, “12th grade. Graduation pics. I’m not ready!”

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Melissa M. Valle: Assistant Professor at Rutgers University–Newark

Melissa M. Valle is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University – Newark. However, she had previously worked in different universities in other positions.

Initially, she started her career working as Director of Public Policy at Abyssinian Development Corporation in 2004. After working for one year, she went to the NYC Department of Education.

There, she worked as a NYC Teaching Fellow and After-School Program Director. She stayed there for over four years until she headed to Columbia University as a Sociology Ph.D. Candidate in 2009.

Later, Melissa went to Rutgers University in a Postdoctoral Associate position.

Melissa M. Valle works as an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University–Newark [Photo: Facebook]

Finally, she landed at Rutgers University as an Assistant Professor in 2017 and still works there. Talking about her education, she completed her graduation in Philosophy from Columbia University.