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Jo Cooke Weight Loss: Concerns Rise for Her Health

Deepi Karna


The English reality TV star Jo Cooke, who is famous for the Curvy Brides’ Boutique show that featured on the TLC channel, was the talk of the town due to her drastic change in her weight.

The famous personality, alongside her friend, Alison Law, has been an inspiration and encouraging character for the plus size and all-size women in and around the country.

Therefore, the rising concerns for her health were an ongoing topic due to her immense weight loss.

Jo Was in the Hospital for a Long Time

In February 2023, the reality TV star posted a picture after being MIA for four months. The photo worried fans because it was from the hospital. She penned in the caption that fans might have thought she looked slightly different to how she looked the last time they saw her.

Jo Cooke in the hospital [ Photo source: Instagram ]

The star added that the last few months were not kind to her. She had spent almost three months in the hospital since living it up in Portugal in October.

Cooke continued, ” It was touch a go for a while and after almost dying on more than one occasion, a very long road lies ahead to get back to “normal”.”

She answered her fans about her whereabouts and thanked her friends and families for being by her side through it all. Although she didn’t reveal in the caption why she was hospitalized, while replying to one of the comments, she divulged she had Necrotising Pancreatitis.

According to Stanford Health Care, patients with pancreatitis often lose immense weight, even when their appetite and eating habits are normal. Weight loss occurs because enough pancreatic enzymes required to digest food are not secreted enough, leading to nutrients not getting absorbed normally.

So, could it be it was the reason behind her drastic loss in weight? Well, it’ll only be known once she reveals herself.

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Fans Noticed Her Weight Loss Even Before the Illness

The illness brought a drastic change in the TV personality’s weight. However, fans were curious about her well-being as they had been noticing her weight loss even before that.

Visible weight loss of the star! [Photo source: Instagram]

In May 2020, the TV personality shared a video of her running in a trade mill. So, who knows, exercise might be another reason why she lost her weight.

Nevertheless, she is now on the path of recovery and often updates fans about her well-being. Apart from that, Jo has also posted several pictures with her family.

While the reason behind Jo’s weight loss remains a mystery, her business partner, Alison Law, revealed that she had surgery. Following that, she walked and ran a lot. She even took up cycling, which is why she dropped six dress sizes.

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The Rising Questions about Her Comeback on TV

With Jo Cooke’s health issues, the fans are curious if the Curvy Brides Boutique will air another season. The show has had a very successful and inspiring 4 seasons.

However, the makers and the stars of the show have not made any official statement yet.

Furthermore, the creative team and stars of the show announced a new bridal show named Say Yes to the Dress with Tan France. They announced it through a video on their Instagram handle.

The fans also questioned Jo about the whereabouts of Alison Law, best friend and business partner in Curvy Brides. The former is not seen posting any pictures with Alison.

Jo and Al on their way to a wedding! [Photo Source: Instagram]

A fan on one of her posts commented, “Are you and Al still friends? Never see posts of you together anymore”, to which the reality TV star replied, “I’m friends with everyone.”