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Jennifer Todryk’s Hair Has Fans Asking: Is It Real?

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Jennifer Todryk’s red hair has caught the public eye and has raised the question of whether it’s real or not. Folks are asking if she uses a wig.

Nevertheless, she also set her name in her Instagram profile as The Rambling Red Head. The name itself is unique, making people curious.

The Truth about Jennifer Todryk’s Hair

The social media personality is famous for her unique style and funny videos, which helped her gain millions of followers on platforms like Instagram.

On the other hand, her beautiful lock has been the centric attention of the folks. Her bright red locks have become a signature look for her. Yet, some people have been speculating that it might not be natural and could result from extensions or wigs.

Despite the speculation, the truth is that Jennifer Todryk’s hair is natural, as per Interest Fashions. It is also evident from her Instagram posts that it is real. In most of her social media posts, she can be seen wearing it in different styles, which include updos and braids.

Folks raised the question if Jennifer Todryk’s hair is real or not [Photo: Instagram]

But mainly, folks love her to be in a ponytail hairstyle. Todryk also shares about her lock’s care routine and the products that she uses to keep her it healthy and shiny.

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Jenn Shared Her New Hairstyle with Her Instagram Followers

The TV personality is always active on social media and shares her moments and lifestyle with the audience. In July 2022, she also hopped on Instagram to show her new haircut.

Her curtain bangs style looked amazing in her. So fans couldn’t hold themselves saying, “Your so beautiful.”

She also asked the questions, saying, “How do we feel about the curtain bangs?” She penned in the caption that she previously cut it on the last day of March 2021.

Almost after a year, she cut it and showed it off to the folks. However, the curtain bangs might have made her feel like it was so short. Nevertheless, she felt like she definitely looked way better.

The influencer ended the caption, quipping, “Okay, next hair reel will be coming atcha late 2023, get ready! Happy Friday!”

Besides hairstyles, she also shares her reviews on different hair products. No Demo Reno star also often shares several hacks on her social media.

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One of the Styling Tricks Caught Her Husband’s Attention

In March 2022, she showcased one of the styling tricks in a video. She started the video with a question, “Can you REALLY sleep in a bathrobe tie to get great waves?” Then, she showed the process and the result.

Furthermore, Jennifer revealed that she had never thought that she’d sleep with a bathrobe tied in her lock. She added that she’d put a little sped-up tutorial in stories for her viewers.

She asked her followers to head there to get the play-by-play and asked if they would try. Also, she mentioned that the hack caught her husband’s attention as she wrote, “Also works swimmingly for seduction purposes.”

Talking about her husband, she has been married to Mike Todryk since August 6, 2011, when they shared the wedding vows in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Cancun, Mexico.

The lovely pair is also blessed with three children – one son and two daughters. The duo’s son, Von, was born in 2013. Later, in 2015 and 2018, they welcomed their daughters, Berkley and Vivienne, respectively.

Jennifer Todryk and her husband, Mike, tied the knot one year after they first met [Photo: Instagram]

Before welcoming the three kids, she was pregnant with her first child, whom she lost due to a miscarriage. Nevertheless, she now appears to be living a content life with her family.