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Jay Wasley and His Wife Divorced Due to Ghost Adventures

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Jay Wasley shared a marital relationship with his wife, Ashley Richardson, before divorcing from each other. Their marriage headed towards this split due to one of the Ghost Adventures episodes.

Jay and Ashley had shared marital vows on October 10, 2012.

Goatman’s Bridge Investigation Ruined Jay Wasley’s Marriage

The former couple’s romantic relationship started fumbling through one of the Ghost Adventures episodes. After episode three of the retrospective spinoff show Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room, his wife was never the same by the end of that episode.

It all began with Jay, Ashley, Aaron Goodwin, and Zak Bagans going to Goatman’s Bridge investigation. According to Looper, she acted like possessed and even sustained mysterious injuries after Goatman’s bridge incident.

After the filming of episode three, Ashley stopped working for Ghost Adventures. However, this hampered their marriage after this incident, and their marital journey was never the same.

Jay Wasley wife
Jay Wasley and his wife, Ashley Richardson, are divorced. [Photo: Official Ghost Adventures Fans’s Twitter]

As per reports of Meaww, Jay recalled that their divorce was hugely due to that investigation and that they could never “go back” after being on Goatman’s Bridge.

Jay announced about the Goatman’s Bridge episode via his Twitter. Many came to know about his divorce after watching the episode and shared their remorse.

One of the users replied,

“I was so sorry to hear about you and your wife. I remember the episode and knew she left the show at that time, but I didn’t realize how much your personal lives suffered. I hope you are both in a much better place today. I know how hard it is, as I’ve been through divorce.”

While sharing their marital life, Jay and Ashley didn’t welcome children but were parenting a dog named Digsby. He usually featured Digsby on his Instagram account, showcasing the lovely bond to the fans.

Regardless, the dates of Jay and Ashley’s divorce remain vague. Also, it remains unclear whether the Ghost Adventures incident was the sole reason for their separation.

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Who Is Jay’s Former Wife, Ashley?

Ashley Richardson is a photographer who has worked in the Camera and Electrical department of several television series. While working in Ghost Adventures, she was introduced to her ex-husband, Jay Wasley.

The beautiful lady started her work as a photographer in Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks. She continued working on projects such as Designing Spaces, Deadly Possessions, and American Saga.

In addition to her photography works, Ashley has also appeared in Through the Glass and Down That Road. Unfortunately, she has not worked on any projects since 2016 and has kept a low-key profile.

Jay Wasley and Ashley Richardson’s marital life collapsed due to Goatman’s Bridge Investigation in Ghost Adventures. They have both possibly moved on after divorcing from each other.

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Jay’s New Girlfriend after Divorce?

Jay Wasley is likely in a romantic relationship with some mysterious woman. However, he hasn’t revealed a lot of details about his new partner on social media pages.

Nonetheless, the cinematographer made a Twitter post during his better half’s birthday. He penned, “Happy birthday to the amazing & beautiful @stoniiWANkenobi Thanks for being my partner in this crazy adventure of life!” with a heart emoji.

His fans showered happy birthday comments on that post.

Jay Wasley Twitter post
A Screenshot of Jay Wasley’s Twitter post dedicated to his partner. [Photo: Jay Wasley’s Twitter]

The featured account @stoniiWANkenobi is available on Instagram but is kept private. As per that handle’s Instagram bio, her name is Morgan Cassiani.

The gorgeous lady, Morgan, is an Art director and has worked in the Camera and electrical department of television series. She has also worked in Ghost Adventures.

Could it be that the alleged couple had their first encounter there?

Jay seemingly focuses on his cinematography in reality television shows and short films. He is still contributing as a cinematographer in Ghost Adventures and has two upcoming projects, Arcana & Breakfast.