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Mark Goldbridge Rarely Shares About His Wife and Married Life

Binesh Shrestha


In a time where YouTubers share almost every aspect of their life, there are also a few who tend to keep it private. Such a guy is Mark Goldbridge, who has kept his wife and married life fairly private.

Even though the Goldbridge couple has been married for over a decade now, there is much to be known about Mark’s partner.

Wife Stays Away From The Media Limelight

Goldbridge met his better half in Ireland when she was just aged 20. After a while, the lovebirds took their relationship to the next level and exchanged marital vows in June 2008.

To mark their 12th wedding anniversary, the YouTuber shared a photo of their wedding day where he could be seen sharing an intimate kiss with her. While a user said Goldbridge looked like a young Brad Pitt, another user stated, “Mrs goldbridbe should be honored.”

It was only in 2020 when the radio presenter first revealed the face of his lovely partner. After he shared a snap of the duo, one user wrote, “So this is the wife ur always trying to hide. U might as well just reveal them as they’re here anyway.”

Mark Goldbridge rarely shares about his beautiful wife. [Source: Instagram]

One of his followers said that she was lucky. Then another user said that Goldbridge was winning both on and off the pitch.

It is only on rare occasions when he shares anything related with his spouse.

The Goldbrige couple also suits one another quite well. When they attended a wedding back in October 2021, the Manchester United fan looked dashing in a suit, and his companion looked as gorgeous as ever in a red dress.

Though Mrs. Goldbrige stays away from the media, what is known is that she, too, adores her husband. On his birthday in April 2019, she gifted him a beautiful Gucci watch, which he flexed on later to his followers.

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It Was Mrs. Goldbridge’s Idea To Become a Police

Prior to becoming a social media star, Goldbridge used to work in insurance in the early stages of his professional career in Ireland.

As stated above, he met his significant other there.

Later, Goldbridge and his better half moved back to England when he was in his mid-20s. Initially, it was quite hectic for the 44-year-old. Even though he had a good job in Ireland, he was having trouble and could not get a job anywhere.

According to him, he did not have a qualification and just had a C in Maths and English, and that was it.

Well, after that, his wife said, “Why don’t you go in the police?” to which he replied, “With my family, see you next week.” Goldbridge came to realize it was the only thing he could have done after a week.

He wanted to join the fire service. But in his own words, “I’m not very good with heat, I am really irritable in the heat”

He was in the police for a year and a half and later became a detective for ten years.

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The Married Duo Are Parents of Three

June 2023 marked Mark Goldbridge and his wife’s 15th wedding anniversary. During this time span, they have been blessed with three children.

Firstly, they welcomed two daughters. The Goldbridge family was completed with the arrival of their youngest kid, a son. Just like his wife, the United supporter doesn’t share a lot about his daughters.

Mark Goldbridge shares three children with his wife. [Source: Goldbridge’s Instagram]

Besides his son’s name, Sebastian, whom he lovingly calls Seb, he has not revealed his other kids’ names.

Nevertheless, it is evident from his social media handle that he loves every one of them.

All in all, Mark Golbridge is enjoying a blissful married life while embracing parenthood. His partner might always be by his side for his support, knowing he is a Manchester United fan.