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Alicia Malone’s Relationship Status: Crush On Jake Gyllenhaal

Bimal Waiba


Alicia Malone’s relationship status has always been the topic of interest. She has remained low-key and hasn’t spoken about her love life.

However, Alicia had a massive crush on Jake Gyllenhaal, as seen in her several interactions with him.

Alicia’s Flirty Approach With Jake Gyllenhaal On Interviews

Alicia Malone has interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal several times during movie promotion sessions. She has never missed approaching him with flirty lines in those interviews.

One such instance was when Jake and Ryan Reynolds were interviewed for the promotion of their movie Life by Alicia.

In that interview, the beautiful host said that Jake was out of this world and had abducted her heart. He also responded sweetly, placing his hand in his heart.

Alicia Malone relationship status
Alicia Malone during her interview with Ryan Renolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.[Photo: Fandango/YouTube]

Many loved Alicia’s way of flirting with Jake in that particular YouTube video.

Some netizens even wanted them to be together, and one of the users commented, “She flirted with him, and he handled it like it wasn’t weird at all. And I now want them to be together.”

Moreover, the television host once interviewed Jake during the premiere of his movie Demolition. Jake also seemed very friendly with her and wasn’t uncomfortable during the interviewing process.

Alicia even said the word “future husband” before the 42-year-old actor reacher her.

In the later phase of the interview, she said, “You just say future husband, and here he is,” and he sweetly replied, “Well, I am here, so maybe you are right.”

Alicia only had compliments for Jake before and after the interview session of Demolition and could not take her eyes off him. She also noted he was nice and kind and even put up with her jokes.

The lovely chemistry between Alicia and Jake is probably the cause of their relationship rumors. Regardless, the alleged couple hasn’t publicly spoken about having romantic things with each other.

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Who Is Alicia Malone?

Born September 4, 1981, Alicia Malone has carved her name as a notable Australian television host and writer. She is pretty famous for hosting the television series Movie Juice.

Alicia started working in the TV station Channel Seven and served six years in various production roles. She later joined cable TV station Movie Network Channels as a host, producer, and editor.

The film writer hosted live events like the AFI Awards and the Tropfest Short Film Festival when there.

She always seeks experiences working as a freelance film journalist and critic. Her works can be witnessed on MTV, Fandango, CNBC, Hollywood Today Live, and various other programs.

Furthermore, Alicia has interviewed many top celebrities, including Emily Blunt.

Alicia Malone
Alicia Malone is a television host and writer. [Photo: Neil Cohen’s Instagram]

In addition, Alicia was also the film correspondent of Fandango, Profiles with Malone and Mantz, and Movie Juice Australia.

She is also a passionate speaker who elaborated on the lack of girls in film during her TED talk at TEDx San Juan Islands in 2015 and her second TED Talk presented on July 6, 2017, on a different topic.

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In addition to her hosting career, the beautiful lady has worked as a producer and writer for the television show Film Junkies aired in 2014. The show featured discussions about movies and interviews with filmmakers and actors.

All in all, Alicia Malone has always flirted with Jake Gyllenhaal during her every interaction with him. However, they have possibly never romantically shared a relationship, and Jake is her mere crush.

Hopefully, the beautiful lady will reveal tidbits about her boyfriend if she has one.