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Rachel Wolfson: High in Love with Her Boyfriend

Himal Ale Magar


Rachel Wolfson, the first woman in the Jackass universe, is in a relationship with her boyfriend.

Over the years, the internet personality has collaborated with her beau for several shows and events.

Her Boyfriend Is a Standup Comedian

Rachel Wolfson’s boyfriend, Mat Edgar, has been in the comedy scene for over a decade. He is a standup comedian from Long Beach, California.

In 2016, Mat made his Comedy Central debut and later headlined Carolla Drinks Comedy and Music Tour in the comedy segment.

The Los Angeles-based standup comedian and her boyfriend’s relationship bloomed around 2019. Since then, the two have spent much time together and featured one another on their social media accounts.

The Comedian Couple Enjoys One Another’s Company [Photo: Mat’s Instagram]

For instance, they went on a vacation in Mexico in December 2020. The beautiful moments were shared on the comedian’s Instagram account.

Moreover, the couple has shared and advocated their passion for comedy and mental health advocacy.

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Rachel’s Boyfriend Has Supportive Parents

Mat, who celebrates his birthday in November, was born to father Troy Edgar and mother Betty Sarkins. The comedian started his career in 2007 and has been in the field ever since.

Throughout his hardship, Mat’s dad and mom were some of his biggest supporters. The couple have been motivating the internet personality and attending his show whenever possible.

They have also encouraged their friends and family to attend their son’s performance. Over the years, the former CFO of DHS has shared news and details regarding Mat to increase his exposure.

Besides, his father had even shot a commercial with the comedian where Troy portrayed the role of a bartender.

Mat’s Parents Are Respected Personalities

The comedian’s parents are happily married. Over the years, they have traveled worldwide to celebrate their marriage anniversary. Apart from Mat, they have two sons named Ethan and Tyler.

As of this writing, the comedian’s father works as a Finance and Supply Chain Transformation Leader at IBM.

Troy attended USC Marshall School of Business and completed his MBA from the University of Southern California. The Founder kicked off his career as a submariner in the US Navy in 1984.

Mat Edgar’s Parents Still Share The Same Love [Photo: Troy’s Facebook]

On the other hand, Mat’s mother was born in Tehran, Iran. She was forced to move through political asylum to America after the Revolution in 1979.

After arriving in San Francisco, Betty attended Cypress College, started learning English, and graduated in 1991.

She then completed a BA and MA in French from CSULB and taught immigrant students French and English.

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Has a Great Relationship with Rachel’s Parents

Over the years, Mat has visited Rachel’s parents and has a strong connection with them. Her dad is very fond of the standup comedian and often has humorous interactions with him.

Mat’s girlfriend was born to her father, Steve Wolfson, and mother, Jackie Glass. Her dad is a District Attorney in Los Angeles, California, and her mother works as a Mediator/Arbitrator in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her sister Rebecca is also engaged as an attorney as of this writing.

Rachel Wolfson With Her Parents And Sister [Photo: Steve’s Facebook]

Besides, Rachel and Mat have a beautiful bond and a similar sense of humor; their dynamics and chemistry are evident in their shows and podcasts.

Further, they don’t hesitate to poke at each other when they can.

On one such occasion, Rachel shared that Mat turned out to be Charlotte when she made him play a BuzzFeed quiz to find out which Sex And the City character he was.

Well, it seems like the couple appreciates each other’s love and affection and is enjoying a happy relationship.