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Mireya Mayor’s Over-a-Decade Relationship with Her Husband

Prasiddha Gautam


Mireya Mayor is enjoying a blissfully married life with her husband, Phil Fairclough. The lovebirds are surrounded by their six adorable children.

She has managed to keep a balance between her family and her passion for exploring the wilderness. Further, the couple recently celebrated their 10 years of togetherness.

Husband Dedicated Her a Post for Their 10th Anniversary

Phil shared a romantic post on Facebook, where he wrote, “10 years to the minute, with my amazing wife Mireya Mayor. What an incredible decade! Happy Anniversary, baby. I love you, Philip [SIC].” The couple are still head over heels for one another and are seen enjoying romantic times together.

Mireya and her husband are on their 10th anniversary. [Photo: Facebook]

It all started when Phil met the avid wildlife explorer in Wyoming, USA, which is the land of vast plains. They began dating in September 2013 and have been seen together since then.

A few months later, she got engaged to her partner in December 2013.

After that, Phil asked in a Facebook post together with Mireya, “Shall we get married in Cuba?” Then he uploaded a photo of him bending on one knee and asked her to marry him publicly.

Eventually, the duo decided to share their life together as partners and walked down the aisle in September 2016. Since then, the pair have lived an ecstatic life together and are seen together at events and birthday parties.

Moreover, Mireya and her spouse moved to their new home in Florida in 2019. Overall, the lovebirds are living their best life while supporting each other.

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Her Man Works in the Entertainment Industry

Phil Fairclough is a man who likes to combine the knowledge of science and journalism in the entertainment field. He has a bachelor’s degree in Science in the domain of Zoology/Animal Biology.

Further, he also has a master’s degree in Journalism from Cardiff University. He has an extraordinary resume and has worked in different industries.

Meriya’s husband has an extensive resume. [Photo: Phil’s Facebook]

Phil started his career while working for BBC for nearly three years, then moved on to ITV while gaining experience in the commercial production arm. There, he spent a year and then headed to Discovery Inc., where he oversaw all of Discovery Channel’s production output.

The entertainment enthusiast then drifted to Creative Differences, where he worked on many shows as an executive producer, creator, and writer for more than 5 years.

Phil further improved his resume after joining NHNZ Worldwide, where he developed and produced a wide slate of shows. Then, he launched Earth Touch, built the business from scratch, and created multiple series plus specials for various well-known channels.

Currently, he is working as a managing director of Two Wise Monkey Entertainment and has worked there for nearly 5 years. Overall, he has a bold career experience.

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Couple’s Six Children: Five with Her Ex-husband

Phil first shared about their upcoming kid back in August 2015 when he uploaded a photo of the couple with his hand on her baby bump. Later, Phil also revealed the ultrasound picture of their little one.

He then shared a couple of snaps of their infant daughter right after she had been born and called her a zen baby after she slept throughout her first hair wash.

Phil announced the name, Mia Audrey Valentina Fairclough, of his daughter to the public.

Well, the couple has just a child of their own. However, Mireya shares 5 beautiful children with her previous lover, Roland Wolff. Her children are named Ava, Emma, Charlotte, Olivia, and Lukas.

Moreover, Mireya has kept her past affairs away from the limelight and now leads a life as a proud mother of six great-kids with her husband Phil.