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Tracy Chapman | Relationship With Alice Walker And Gay Rumors

Himal Ale Magar


Tracy Chapman’s empowering lyrics deeply resonated with the LGBTQ+ community with her song ‘Fast Car.’ As her fans pondered the essence of the song, certain speculation started to arise surrounding her sexuality. This led some of her fans to discuss whether Tracy Chapman was indeed Gay.

Tracy Chapman: The Voice Behind the Gay Anthem

One of the fans said over a forum thread, “My only explanation is because when I first heard her song ‘Fast Car,’ it just sounded like a guy singing. Then of course the name Tracy and her looks were both very androgynous, so…hence MY confusion.”

Moreover, the rumors gained more momentum as Alice Walker’s new book shed light on her relationship with Tracy Chapman.

Tracy Chapman [Photo: Instagram]

In regard to her relationship with Tracy Chapman, Alice Walker recalled a beautiful memory she shared with the American singer.

She said, “Before leaving on this tour I had dinner with Tracy Chapman, She arrived in jeans & boots, carrying a coffee cake she baked herself. We ate pasta & salad & talked for 5 hours,” as per the report by Los Angeles Blade.

The report claimed that despite the age difference of 20 years, their relationship lasted for over two years. Sadly, as per the report by The Jasmine Brand, the former couple do not talk anymore.

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Tracy Chapman’s Relationship With Alice Walker

The author, who is known for her books like The Color Purple, is vocal about her dating women and men.

In an interview with host Gayle King on CBS Mornings, Alice opened up about her love life and sexuality, she said, “I’m someone who loves everybody, men and women. And it’s just the most wonderful thing.”

She further added that Tracy was one of her great loves and expressed her love for the song ‘Fast Car.’

Tracy Chapman And Alice Walker [Photo: Twitter]

The author said, “You know, there are some voices in our culture that can carry the whole culture and make an emotional sense of it and liberate you into a deep love of that.”

Further, when asked about her views on how Tracy might feel being included in her book, Alice expressed that she was not concerned.

Besides, unlike Alice Walker, Tracy Chapman has not revealed any information about her relationship with Alice Walker.

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How did Tracy’s Song Fast Car Become A Lesbian Anthem?

The American singer/songwriter released the song ‘Fast Car’ thirty-five years ago. The song lingers in the memory of the masses with the unforgettable acoustic storm and Tracy’s signature way of storytelling with her lyrics.

The song was praised for its working-class theme and defying the tired genre tropes. In the midst of it, the song went on to become a lesbian anthem.

However, Tracy Chapman has not spoken about being bi, lesbian, queer, or gay. Nonetheless, her lovers, like Alice Walker, celebrated her relationship with Tracy and believed they were both out and proud.

Moreover, Tracy has never spoken about or made any comment about the speculations because she is reticent to speak about anything personal.

Tracy Chapman [Photo: Instagram]

So how did the song become a lesbian theme? For one, the way she sings about a genderless couple leaving town to find a home nearby is something queer-related.

Additionally, the song was full of Sapphic symbolism spread throughout the song. Besides, it might have been the lack of pronouns used for her lover fused with Tracy’s genderqueer swag.

This could have been one of many reasons her fans believed she was one with the queer.

As a result, fans started discussing the topic on numerous forums and social media, sharing their speculations and opinions.

“Is Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car about two lesbians who loved the city? Or just one lesbian and her like, good guy friend?,” wrote one of her fans on Twitter.